Well done! Yeah, there are major changes that are happening, that I pretty much assumed would commence once the business model shifts into the mandated territory of profit-making.

Medium has been very good to me and at some point you have to shift focus too and build your dreams — your way, which we all deserve to do at some point.

I’ve also noticed some weird stuff and it happened a couple of weeks ago when a piece I posted about Serena began to deplete in the number of claps. It was 840 and then suddenly dipped to 530.

I emailed to inquire about it and got a response quite quickly that explained how there was stuff happening in the back end that was responsible for the numbers lessening and that once things were back to form — I would notice.

I did notice, but it still made me wonder what would’ve happened if I hadn’t been paying attention that day.

At the end of the day, Medium is hosting my work and I have zero control over what is happening. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t express concern when it’s warranted.