We’re Not Into Hillary Because We Can’t Afford To Be

Now that it’s pretty clear that Obama is leaving office, most of us are trying to make the effort to stay engaged during the arduous process of figuring which of the featured candidates meets our ideals.

So far it’s been a shit show of grand proportions. The star of the traveling circus is none other than Donald Trump — a wealthy loud-mouthed bully who has excelled at giving racist Americans the license to exercise their bigotry with pride and prejudice.

His popularity indicates that a lot of you deeply resented being under the regime of a powerful man who happened to be black. And now that your nightmare is coming to an end — you are embracing the comforting rhetoric of a raging lunatic who isn’t really crazy at all.

And then you have the other contenders who aren’t worth mentioning because quite frankly there really isn’t much to say except what has already been embarrassingly showcased.

That leaves us with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Sanders always seems like the “old man who could”. He is old but after investing time into his background and listening to my friends pour out the reasons why they’re convinced I would love him just as much as they do — I have come to the conclusion that I may have underestimated him.

Which is a common reaction when the elderly demand that they we take them seriously.

From what I gather, he is duly committed to rescuing the downtrodden and the helpless — the ones who have been toiling away for nickels and dimes while they observe the wealthy white industrialists get rewarded for their greed.

I used to be surrounded by the filth of Wall Street — back when I was a lowly executive assistant grinding away at one of the nation’s most prestigious banks.

I remember the anger I felt every time I swiped my employee card and robotically made my way to what became my mandated cell.

I witnessed the behind the scenes artistry of the private bank. The bankers, credit officers, wealth advisors — with backgrounds that matched their clients — dutifully plotting ways to steal from the poor in order to maintain flawless portfolios.

As an employee, my station was considered in the same vein as the props that adorned the muted offices. Assistants were replaceable and not deemed worthy of respect or even a dignified salary regardless of the effort and unrelenting assistance we supplied.

Bonuses were sporadic and eventually halted and salary raises were insultingly the bare minimum.

But somehow your ungrateful asshole of a manager received his impressively bloated package without delay and with every cent accounted for — which of course was made possible at our expense.

These are the types of people Hillary Clinton willingly schmoozes with because they are all cut from the same cloth and share the same overwrought desire to win. At all costs.

Speaking engagements or not, the former Secretary of State is flailing because she stands for nothing and represents everything. Everything that is wrong with a system has been rigged to guarantee that if you’re not at the top of the food chain — you will most likely never get there.

Hillary should make history by being America’s first female president, and many of you are determined to help her reach that milestone.

If I were fifteen years younger — I probably would be okay with letting that be my sole reason for giving her my vote. But I’m not.

I’m not a young, inexperienced, ingenue who believes that fairytales come true and racism can be vanquished.

I’ve lived long enough and seen more than I would like to admit and I know what it takes to be an American. I understand the dangers of being an African-American. And I’m convinced that people are losing their minds trying to find solutions to problems that exist due to the fragmented infrastructure that was built on the backs of slaves and continues to thrive on that very principle.

There will be a woman who will eventually occupy the White House. But I’m sorry to say that it won’t be Hillary Clinton.

She’s not able to resonate with the population that needs to know beyond a doubt that she really does have their backs. She’s shallow in her delivery and fidgety with her assurance that she understands the plight of those who’ve been victimized.

Bernie Sanders proclaims with conviction and steadfast endurance that he will work to ensure that there is a semblance of equality across the board. He could be telling us what we want to hear for the hell of it. But at least he’s telling us. What we want to hear.

Hillary hasn’t been able to do that. She can try — but it’s too late.
Her loss in New Hampshire is just an empty casing in what will surely be a brutal journey ahead. She has already failed to connect with the people that were supposed to be her core supporters.

All we see is a privileged woman who is desperately trying to fulfill her familial obligations by forcing destiny to work in her favor.

We applaud her her efforts. But we can’t waste our time trying to make someone else’s dreams come true when ours still remain unrealized.

That’s why I can’t afford to to vote for Hillary.

Can you?

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