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We Need To Thank Melania Trump For Officially Endorsing The Aura Of This Administration

The immigration crisis that’s transpiring at our border has taken on a very revealing turn — as the first lady who was missing in action following her relentlessly reported surgical procedure — has finally emerged from her highly-guarded shell — to re-assure naysayers that her ability to perform job duties is still intact.

But — as is typical of Trump’s weird AF administration — Melania Trump’s staged humanitarian tour — which is supposedly demonstrative of an empathetic mother — who also happens to be married to the man responsible for the cruel separation of migrant children from their parents — has been hijacked by her controversial fashion choice.

The first lady evidently has an aesthetic that she applies to trips — involving victims who are victimized by their station as non-Whites.

It’s the khaki-green jacket that will only suffice when surveying the bodies in captivity.

Fashion experts can argue that her choice of hue symbolizes entering the battlefield of unfamiliarity — that echoes the buzzkill of what happens when you’re not able to fund your way out of natural disasters or disastrous laws that tear Brown families apart.

She wore that jacket when she followed her ass-holish husband to Puerto Rico — where he infamously threw paper towels at the islanders as a way to express his compassion and playfulness.

Hey Puerto Rico! Let’s play!

And she’s done it again with her “surprise” trip to a children’s shelter in McAllen, Texas — which was undoubtedly given the green light after first daughter — Ivanka Trump —feverishly working in the background — valiantly stepped in at the last minute to convince her emotionally-deprived father to “save the children.”

The khaki-green jacket has been activated — but this time there’s a catch.

It has the words: I Really Don’t Care, Do U?— sprawled on the back in White ink.

Many are flabbergasted by the sentiment evoked by a woman who has the assignment of following in the distinguished footsteps of the illustrious women who’ve been in her station — and have historically used their influence as a force of positivity in times of crisis.

Why would Melania Trump willingly don an item of clothing that contains scribblings of nonchalance? And why would she be allowed to wade into terrifically murky territory — when the stakes couldn’t be higher — given the temperamental political climate that’s still at an all-time high?

As the firestorm erupted — once the images of her wearing the damn thing began to circulate — fast and furiously — her spokesperson issued this statement:

“It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to Texas, I hope this isn’t what the media is going to choose to focus on.”

This administration couldn’t be any more tone-deaf if it tried.

We can take the hours ahead to speculate about Melania Trump’s offensive attire — but I choose to call it and save us all the trouble.

First off — we need to sincerely thank the first lady for officially endorsing the message of this present administration.

Nobody connected to the shithole called “The White House” gives a flying fuck about Black and Brown lives.

Exhibit A: is Melania Trump’s latest stunt that is being viewed as a PR nightmare when it’s really a blessing in disguise. Now we know for sure that she’s showcasing the aura of the president’s regime — by demonstrating all the reasons why it took tear-stained little faces — waiting in vain for motherly embraces — for the executive order ending their pain to be signed.

Exhibit B: is the exasperatingly thoughtless machine behind Melania Trump’s packaging and how it seamlessly co-signs this administration’s silent but deadly mantra — that has two fucks to give when it comes to providing adequate support and governance to ALL LIVES that apply.

White supremacy abounds and when White people hurt or excel — their leader tweets his empathy and pride accordingly. But when a Black hero overthrows the deadly mission of a White gunman who killed Black lives — there’s nothing to add to that narrative because White lives were spared and a White man bravely defeated.

The message of Trump’s administration was never a secret because actions speak louder than words.

But — now we have the words that say more than we will ever need to know in order to be comforted with how history will record and summarize what it meant to have Donald J. Trump as president of White America — during a time when Black lives were overrun by police brutality and White terrorists and Brown lives were allowed to drown in the negligence of hate after the storm.

They really didn’t care.


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