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We Need To Thank Melania Trump For Officially Endorsing The Aura Of This Administration

The immigration crisis that’s transpiring at our border has taken on a very revealing turn — as the first lady who was missing in action following her relentlessly reported surgical procedure — has finally emerged from her highly-guarded shell — to re-assure naysayers that her ability to perform job duties is still intact.

Hey Puerto Rico! Let’s play!

This administration couldn’t be any more tone-deaf if it tried.

We can take the hours ahead to speculate about Melania Trump’s offensive attire — but I choose to call it and save us all the trouble.

The message of Trump’s administration was never a secret because actions speak louder than words.

But — now we have the words that say more than we will ever need to know in order to be comforted with how history will record and summarize what it meant to have Donald J. Trump as president of White America — during a time when Black lives were overrun by police brutality and White terrorists and Brown lives were allowed to drown in the negligence of hate after the storm.

They really didn’t care.


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