We need to talk about why survivors of gun violence are dying

America is the most violent country in the western world.

It makes you wonder how a country that proudly professes its beauty can simultaneously endorse the grotesqueness of its ugliest feature, that can’t be prettied up with heated town halls and never-ending debates, that lead us back to the shooting massacres that keep brutalizing lives, long after the terrorists are apprehended.

It goes back to when many of us became acutely aware of how much this country despises the precious children, who truly believed that their lives mattered, until torrents of bullets blasted away that fairy tale.

The horrific scene at Sandy Hook Elementary School, in Newtown, CT, during the holiday season of 2012, on December 14, was beyond human digestion.

How could we sanely absorb the unfathomable shooting deaths of 20 children, between the ages of 6 and 7, and an additional 7staff members who tried in vain to save them?

The terrifying breaking news was heartrending, and it caused President Obama to shed tears of despair, as he acknowledged the severity of the school massacre, that at the time, was swiftly categorized as:

“The deadliest primary or secondary school shooting, the third-deadliest mass shooting by a single person, and one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history.”

20-year-old Adam Lanza shot himself dead after his shooting spree, and always, there was talk about his fragile emotional state in the years prior to his notable contribution to “America’s Most Watched Horror Show.”

We don’t need testimonies from family members and acquaintances to convince us about the unpredictability of mental challenges, and how if left unchecked, can sometimes evolve into a full-blown crisis, that can permanently alter the survivability of the sufferer, and unrelated targets, with the supervision of weapons of mass destruction.

Days after the domestic terrorist attack, Obama responded like any human would, when it comes to actively drafting proposals, cementing the unlikelihood that the nation would experience the duress of the bloody massacre of kindergartners in a space that’s meant to groom dispositions in love and security.

Those efforts were spearheaded by Vice-President Joe Biden, and the goal was to tackle the urgently pending item of gun control by regulating background checks and making the case for drastically reducing accessibility to high-powered assault weapons.

The task force met a total of 22 times and gathered pertinent information and suggestions from almost 200 organizations, that were employed to assist with a cohesively progressive agenda, that would be tangible enough to defeat the poisonous tentacles of the NRA.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the political aspirations of deplorably greedy fucks and the unhealthy obsession of power-mongers, who are content enduring the sight of anguished parents burying their babies into the ground that’s not ready to receive such an abomination — Republicans and the designated cult that’s legally decreasing the lifespan of America’s children — will continue to win the battle of systemized extermination.

Consider that months before Sandy Hook, there was another mass shooting that terrorized the nation. It happened in the summer of 2012, on July 20, at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, CO.

The event was the highly-anticipated premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, and it made sense that theaters across the nation were enjoying a major boost of eager fans because this was the celebratory final entry of the beloved franchise.

Folks were hyped to pay homage to the caped crusader one last time. Sadly, one of America’s most revered forms of entertainment quickly became a deadly pastime, when a gun man stormed the space reserved for blissful escapades, and proceeded to unleash teargas before blasting unsuspecting moviegoers with a rounds of ammunition.

By the time 24-year-old James Holmes was done with his shooting spree, the damage report was a soberingly daunting reality. He had managed to kill 12 people, including a 6-year-old girl who was shot 4 times in the chest, and seriously injure 70 victims.

The humanized version of the harrowing ordeal lies in the testimonies of how boyfriends took bullets for their girlfriends, and a father threw himself in the hail of bullets to save his teenage daughters from the grimness of #dyingwhileAmerican.

These nightmarish reports that verify the tragic allegiance to gun culture, don’t come close to capturing the solemn narrative of the “American Way” that brutally aligns with the expendability of lives caught in the crossfire of nationalized dysfunction.

Six years later, and the bitter war between the population that desperately demands the right to activate the possibility of a non-violent existence, and the side that weaponizes the 2nd Amendment with the selfishness that permits bullet-riddled bodies of high-schoolers — continues to rage on without lifesaving compromise.

The response to each and every registered bloodbath, continues to give top anchors at notable organizations another opportunity to serenade crime scenes with rehashed monologues, that tug at the heartstrings, with the footage of smiling, happy faces, that have been brutally silenced by the wrath of formulated nonchalance by law makers and their Murderer-in-Chief.

The media loves to envelop disastrous events with the gusto that catapults the climate into the season of investments with vigorous coverage that highlights rising stars among the rubble, who are filled with the vitality to protest the evils of society.

It’s the ceremony of so-called “wokeness” that erupts on cue, with the help of cowardly politicians, who show up for the hell of it. They have no desire to give the youth what they deserve, even as they listen intently to the graphic details of near-death experiences, that should never be tearfully narrated by the generation that were supposed to inherit a robustly healthy environment.

When Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL was under siege by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, an expelled student who effortlessly entered the school grounds, and mercilessly shot up the place, the imagery recalled the similar reception to prior school shootings, and how it was unforgivable that American institutions were still vulnerable to the wiles of domestic terror.

The mass shooting that ironically occurred on Valentines Day, February 14, 2018, ended with the shooting death of 17 students and staff members, while 17 others were seriously injured.

The categorization of the massacre once again symbolized the traitorous appetite of the NRA and guilty parties, who partake of blood money without the humane consciousness, that should override a national epidemic that’s exacting a level of pain and suffering that no citizen should be forced to bear.

The deadly massacre was confirmed to be “the deadliest high school shooting in United States history, surpassing the Columbine High School massacre that killed 13 in Colorado on April 20, 1999.”

In the days and weeks after the Parkland School shooting, some of the surviving students, under the tutelage of Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg, immediately went into action to honor the lives of the dead by engaging with the media and those in influential positions of power, in an effort to bolster the supreme urgency of gun control.

During a gut-wrenching meeting in the State Dining Room of the White House, school shooting survivors and bereaved parents from past and present massacres held a televised tear-filled conference with President Trump, with the high expectation that maybe this time around would be the history-making departure from the dark side, towards the brighter forecast where preventable and senseless deaths of youngsters become extinct.

But alas! That was not to be.

Trump boringly entertained his inconsolable guests with disingenuous gestures and grandiose proposals that echoed the detrimental themes of the NRA.

And it wasn’t just the President and his ruthless team of enablers that abhorrently mishandled an active emergency at the height of its tour.

The media also played a major part in propelling the honorable pursuits of impressionable activists with photo ops and stagey episodes of candor, before expectedly abandoning the responsibility of periodic check ins and updates with the accountability factor of the political system on speed dial.

The much-lauded “March for Our Lives” drew tons of attention and accolades, with celebrity appearances, and the authority of free speech introducing a wearied nation to the preview of young lives being weaponized by an ailing system, that won’t acknowledge the birthright of being able to blossom in a society that promises not to perpetually put their lives at risk due to the palettes of gun-toting fanatics.

The Parkland survivors were disgustingly feted for purposes that had zero to do with their heroic pleas for justice through demands for the core requirements that were borne out of the violence that occurs when the lack of regulations inspires unspeakable horrors:

“Pass a law to ban the assault weapons. Stop the sale of high-capacity magazines. Implement laws that require background checks on all gun purchases, including online and at gun shows.

A year later, and the gun massacres that have defaced America’s beauty beyond repair still haunt those who survived with scars that never heal.

Recent headlines blare with the damning proof of how the failure to reach an agreement that appropriately honors those who met untimely deaths as well as guaranteeing the refreshed future of those who remain, has inevitably taken its toll.

19-year-old Sydney Aiello died a second time this past weekend, when she took her own life after the burden of surviving the mass shooting at her high school as well as the loss of her best friend, proved to be more than she could bear.

She had recently graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and while that normally initiates the most exciting and fulfilling years of any young life, when you’re a petrified American situated in the “Wild Wild West,” it only emphasizes the clouds of doom, that never stop hovering after post-traumatic stress sets in, and no measure of comfort is strong enough to compete with that profound sense of disillusionment.

Another survivor of the Parkland shooting took his life during the time period that Aiello was confirmed dead.

And there’s an additional casualty from the Sandy Hook tragedy, as it has been reported that Jeremy Richman, whose little girl was among the victims of the horrific classroom shooting back in 2012, sadly committed suicide, according to police.

Richman became an advocate for mental health after the senseless killing of his daughter Avielle, and founded a foundation in her name to help fund “brain science research,” as a way for scientists to unlock the mystery behind the murderous appetite of individuals who harbor violent instincts.

These terrifying developments have prompted renewed discussion about the issue of gun violence and how it remains the untreated virus that other countries like New Zealand, that recently survived the “darkest day” on record after the massacre at a local mosque killed 50 worshippers — have somehow been able to weather with the sincere pledge of updating legislation to proactively thwart future attacks.

America is adamant about retaining the dire position as the most violent country in the western world.

There is no end in sight for this ongoing national emergency that apparently pales in comparison to the imaginary crisis at the border.

It must be hell on earth for survivors of gun violence, who are traumatized by the audacity of surviving what their friends could not or are cursed with surviving the length of days without their murdered offspring, to have to accommodate this chaotic climate of normalized disorder, that caters to the nefariousness of a criminalized administration, headed by a thug who cares more about demonizing immigrants than installing laws to tackle a clear and present danger.

Survivors of gun violence are dying because they’ve been grossly neglected by the agencies that were supposed to keep them alive through acts of caregiving and problem-solving that establishes the durability of our lives through the results that disapprove the fear that being an American is in fact a life-threatening condition.

The days of our lives are numbered, and because of gun culture and those who feed it, the expiration dates are blinking with blinding bleakness for survivors who are waiting to die.

Hail to the Gun!

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