We need to talk about why nobody censors Trump’s life-threatening rants

As exhausting as this thankless endeavor always turns out to be, we cannot escape the torment of talking about Donald Trump. He’s the thuggish oaf who rules the Republican Party with his tiny iron fist to the chagrin of stunned observers, who can’t pretend to be oblivious to the damning reasons why this epic disaster of a human is able to throw his thick weight around, without the warranted level of discipline.

The Trump administration is “gangster paradise.”

Anything goes, and the main characters are well-trained minions, dedicated to the manic agenda of their woefully-powerful White supremacist leader, as they dutifully carry out orders that are themed with the narrative of upholding statutes of “nationalism” which has been instituted as the polite rendition of White nationalism.

We saw it with the immigration crisis, and how migrant mothers and their wearied children were torn asunder, and eventually gassed to the dirt ground. We saw it with the appallingly disgraceful visit that President Trump took to Puerto Rico, after the island had been ravaged by Hurricane Maria, and how the governmental assistance that could’ve saved many more lives, was cruelly stalled due to the immense debt the Americans owe America, and the fact that only White lives matter during national emergencies.

We see it with the dangerously cavalier approach to the epidemic of domestic terrorism being staged by White males, and how the imaginary disorder at the border has been coerced to remain centerstage, as the deceitful ploy that permits the non-stop fear mongering, that keeps this toxic administration nefariously activated.

The horrific massacre at a neighborhood mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, that ended the lives of 50 Muslims, including precious children, was described by visibly-shaken Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the “darkest day.”

In the sobering hours after the Islamophobic attack that is being viewed as a global catastrophe, due to the heightened security in place for mosques stationed in major cities in the United States, Ardern visited with bereaved families in their sanctuaries, respectfully clothed in the accessories that foul-mouthed and Fox News staple Jeanine Pirro likened to the allegiance to Sharia Law. The 38-year-old “Comforter-in-Chief” also wasted no time in drafting tougher gun law reforms, that will undoubtedly keep citizens a lot safer, and increase their confidence in a government that is committed to their overall wellbeing and security.


Unfortunately, in the States, the NRA rules supreme.

Trump and his party of bigots and swines have sworn an unyielding allegiance to the organization that has exacted irrevocable damage to a terminal society, that will never recover from the gross negligence of allowing youngsters to be blown to bits by automatic rifles, without the immediate overhaul of the laws that endorse that level of criminality.

Aside from the life-threatening blatancy of gun violence, there’s also the national crisis that Trump is purposely ignoring because of the damaging consequences that will arise if he chose to be the diligently accountable leader, who truly believes that the lives of all Americans deserve to be protected from the increasing occurrence of hate crimes, that are targeted at the population he refuses to acknowledge or serve.

As the breaking news about Christchurch held the world hostage, Trump was in the middle of vetoing the resolution that reasonably downgraded his non-existent “national emergency” at the border by denying him funds for the wall. In the middle of the process, while his robotic henchmen stood around with pathetic gracelessness, the president was asked about the White supremacist who purposefully massacred a mosque, with inspiration from a world leader, who relentlessly demonizes Muslims and immigrants.

Here’s what he said:

How is it remotely acceptable that the Commander-in-Chief can freely weaponize his power against those who have to tolerate his hate-filled rhetoric that direly puts them in the harmful range of domestic terrorism, without bearing an ounce of responsibility for how those actions inspire premeditated acts of violence?

Trump was hired to propel the blueprint of White nationalism, and the staggering evidence is irrefutable.

How many times will we refer to the playbook of his terrifying talking points during the 2016 elections, where the failed New York business man and reality TV star unleashed monologues of nauseating fare, that captured the snapshot of what White people who hate Black people internalize as their truth.

While media outlets and political pundits focused on the celebrated pompousness and growing popularity of an ill-equipped candidate, Black and Brown communities were fearfully contemplating the reality of accommodating an incoming administration, that was avidly laying down the foundation for the swift extinction of those who don’t fit the requirements of #MAGA.

Trump’s victory was the ultimate betrayal. It was also the wakeup call that resounded with authoritative reckoning.

America will never cease being the diseased landscape that operates solely for the glory of Whiteness because that has always been the valued currency.

It won’t be traded for anything that threatens supremacy.

This explains why the president is maximizing absolute and recklessly wielding it on social media platforms, where he spends working hours trolling dead politicians, media organizations, and the individuals that are positioned for his imminent downfall.

We can certainly imagine why White men and White feminists in high places settle for the lower end of the spectrum like cowardly mice, scurrying about the corridors of evilness, as they meekly “hail the chief” while constantly dabbing at the stains of complicity that will never be washed away.

We can definitely identify why “senior advisors” also known as “Javanka,” are both comfortable with their roles as prized enablers, who were illegally awarded the kind of access that could potentially put this nation at high risk. They are legacy babies, who have nothing to lose and everything to gain, by strutting around the Oval Office with eyes wide shut.

But when President Trump can’t be censored for the abhorrent messaging that fills his Twitter page, that’s callously exacerbates an already volatile climate, bursting with pollutants that drive White male terrorists to plot bombings on Muslim-American communities and systemically brutalize Black people on the streets of America — that’s when we have to reconcile the weightiness of existing in a society that has mandated the validity of our worthlessness.

While the world tries to recover from the terrifying events at the Christchurch mosque, President Trump decided to up the ante in his habitual assault and trite condemnation, that perfectly exposes the shallowness of a miserable prick, who prefers to ceremoniously wallow in his shattered self-esteem issues as opposed to displaying any hint of leadership during periods of duress.

The self-professed “White nationalist” who recently claimed that White nationalists comprise of only “a small group of people” who are seemingly harmless, took to Twitter this past weekend to rant about the temporary loss of his equally revolting “partner-in-crime,” who was quietly suspended by her controversial employer, after that highly offensive Islamophobic strike against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, on her lucrative TV show.

The potentially deadly response to Jeanine Pirro’s scorching damnation on the persistently slandered population practicing Islam is pending.

We never want to imagine the worst, but we also can’t afford to downplay what can transpire when Trump’s soldiers of hate compliment his bigoted verses by encouraging the falsehood of how Muslim-Americans are infiltrating the culture — with the motives of terrorizing and infecting governmental structures with extremism.

But the very worst has to be the retweet that contained unverified information about the victorious exit of Congresswoman Omar from Congress.

This forced a “short and sweet” that contained the beautiful truth of how a bullish abuser has finally met his match in the battle of wills, that should never be allowed to foster, when you consider that the influential initiator is embodying a once-dignified station, that has been tragically defaced by the wiles of a relentless harasser, who subscribes to elements that bolster the normalization of inhumanness.

Donald Trump is bad for America.

His presence on the throne has to be thwarted with the immediacy that matches any kind of national crisis that can’t be casually glossed over or thoughtlessly overlooked

Donald Trump is terrible for America. We need to talk about why this nightmare is thriving with fuel to the fire.

We need White males in positions of power to readily admit that Whiteness has the freedom to be deplorably vile without the punishment that Blackness can’t avoid, even when innocence overrides. We need to agree that the president is a WHITE SUPREMACIST, who doesn’t accept the reality of domestic terrorism unless the perpetrators are MUSLIMS or MIGRANTS and the victims are WHITE.

We need to come to terms with the facts:

The president is given the flexibility to curse out and disable truth-tellers, who dutifully shame his potent dishonesty. He’s inexplicably granted the option to openly embrace the organizations and haters who aid him in his quest to exalt the currency of White power.

We can’t ever stop talking about the pain and suffering that has hijacked global temperament, and how this state of mental destabilization, stemming from acute hostility, has been packaged into viral rhetoric. This bloody blueprint has been normalized by the former “world police,” and we can attribute its continued success to Donald Trump’s satanic regime, and the soldiers of hate, who are helping to sacrifice lives to retain their supremacy.

We can’t ever stop talking about the bullshit that comes with enduring the regulated audacity of a White president, and how the currency of Whiteness will remain the the disease without a cure because the antidote will traitorously get us killed.

Thanks to the entrapment of the Obama years.


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