Tears for America

We need to talk about why Mitch McConnell can get away with offensive 9/11 Remarks

We need to talk about Mitch McConnell’s recent clap back at Jon Stewart, the mastermind behind the gem known as The Daily Show, and overall pop culture staple, who has been the most vocal supporter of the first responders of 9/11, who have been woefully discarded by the very system that promised dependable compensation as the gratitude for the phenomenal display of heroism and patriotism, under the most extreme circumstances.

It all began with the viral clips of Stewart’s passionate and tearful plea in front of a scanty audience during a heartrending Congressional hearing that featured testimonies from those directly impacted by the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, that left workers who spent many months sifting through chunks of debris at ground zero, vulnerable to the hazardous air quality, that eventually manifested into a debilitating health crisis with financial and emotional consequences.

Many of the brave men and women comprising of the units that were indefinitely attached to the scene that represented our national catastrophe, ended up contracting deadly diseases as a result of their selfless service to an ungrateful nation. And since that fateful day, a good number of them have succumbed to their illnesses, while those who remain are barely hanging on, as cancer ravages their bodies, and the funds that were set up to provide aid almost runs out without confirmation of reauthorization.

Enter the soldier for justice, Jon Stewart, who refuses to back down in the never-ending fight on behalf of the Americans who personify the attributes that their thuggish Commander-in-Chief can barely summon on any given day, which has set the tone for a criminally-inclined administration, that seems to be wholly focused on the nefarious mission of ethnic cleansing.

Stewart confronted the few members of Congress who managed to attend the scheduled hearing by calling out the ingrates who left their seats empty, and shaming the audacity of a callous committee that doesn’t want to fulfill the mandate, requiring continued financial assistance for medical bills, and other forms of payment that are warranted for families that have been crippled by the repercussions of the terrorist attacks.

As a lifelong New Yorker, who happened to be trapped in the city after robotically boarding the PATH train from Jersey City to 33rd Street Station in a state of shock, that stemmed from the disbelief of watching the first plane hit the tower without reconciling the active danger unfolding — recalling that dreaded day of infamy still gives me chills.

Even blocks away from the burning inferno, the gorgeous blue sky at Herald Square contained particles that were floating through the city as evidence of what we could only frighteningly visualize.

It’s a major disservice being levied on those who risked everything to restore the functioning settings of a city that many of us thought would be permanently paralyzed, and Stewart is absolutely within his rights to vent his anger and frustration in defense of the precious group that he pledged to protect and serve.

It’s also unacceptable that the media hasn’t deployed its best reporters to investigate the deplorable state of affairs facing the livelihood of an evidently disposable population, who are being threatened with a deadline that could stall the reactivation of funds that are in dire need of replenishment.

Stewart’s televised monologue expectedly received a lot of attention, and even bonafide “Trumpster” Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, took the time out from worshipping his supreme leader to publicly respond to the rightfully harsh criticism unleashed on members of Congress for the nonchalant reception being feted to a matter of great urgency.

McConnell visited his clan at Fox News, and his reactionary remarks were beyond offensive and very much in line with the vile rhetoric of the toxic government that he shamelessly represents.

While answering questions about Stewart’s accusatory remarks about the embarrassingly low attendance of members of Congress at the hearing for 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund, McConnell willfully downplayed the situation by stating how that “frequently happens because members have a lot of things going on at the same time.” “ Many things in Congress happen at the last minute…we will address it again. I don’t know why he’s all bent out of shape.”

Of course it was only fair for Stewart to appear on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” and have the prime opportunity to address the unsightliness of McConnell’s physical presence at the portal of destruction otherwise known as Fox News; made even worse by the vileness of his statement, that can only be categorized as the ultimate “fuck you” to the ongoing mission of securing the dignity and grace of those who are suffering the worst case scenario for acts of bravery.

Here’s the thing, we really need to discuss the filthiness of Trump’s crew of elderly White bigots, who are purposed henchmen that have been positioned to advance the agenda of oppression against those who are the most vulnerable to the elements of stagnancy and outright abandonment — not to mention close proximity to the epidemics of gun violence and the favorite sport of White supremacists — domestic terrorism.

Not too long ago, the “most hated Black woman in America” was under attack for comments that she made about 9/11, that were cunningly taken out of context by conservative media, with the full backing of their Commander-in-Crime.

Trump infamously reposted a venomous tweet that capitalized on horrors of the burning towers by ill-advisedly inserting the likeness of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar against the backdrop of a terrifying event that didn’t just victimize the population of Anglo Saxons, despite the chants of White evangelicals.

Congresswoman Omar became the vilified mascot of Muslim-Americans, with the extra item of death threats that have escalated ever since Trump and racists Republicans with the shameful permission of House Democrats, decided to relentlessly punish the refugee from Somalia for her victorious interpretation of the American Dream.

While Ilhan Omar earns high praise for gracefully handling the avalanche of inflammatory Anti-Muslim rhetoric, that attempted to bury the truth surrounding the incident that captured the non-threatening comments about 9/11 and Muslim-Americans— we also can’t deny the traitorous behavior of the political and cultural landscape on both sides — and how it damningly illustrates America’s Islamophobic tendencies.

This explains why we must confront Mitch McConnell’s harmful and reckless statements about the survivors of 9/11, who heroically risked their lives for the sake of securing the future of generations of Americans, that will be eternally grateful for that dutiful sacrifice.

We need to talk about how the nasty statesman will get away with shaming Jon Stewart for standing firm on behalf of a community that shouldn’t have to beg for recognition and allotted compensation that doesn’t even come close to matching the immeasurable output of trained lifesavers.

During Congresswoman Omar’s unfair reign as the newly-minted “enemy of the people,” there was a heavy reliance on the narrative that accused her of “minimizing the pain” accrued by the victims of 9/11, which Kirsten Gillibrand emphasized in her not so “brave” tweeted response to Trump’s appalling post.

It’s obvious that the Muslim-American Black woman, who defied the odds by winning the historical entry into Congress was being systemically harassed because of what she represents to seasoned bigots with massive platforms.

It’s also very clear that McConnell will be spared the exact treatment, despite the fact that he deserves to be ceremoniously berated for misusing his position as the Majority Leader to condemn the right of an activist to free speech, when it comes to alerting the public and law makers about a serious issue that can’t be swept under the rug without the stench of injustice.

White men are able to walk away from murder scenes unscathed. They are able to recite hate speeches with floods of tweets that symbolize the radicalization of White men situated all over the globe, who are empowered by the United States and the White nationalist leader at the helm.

How is it even remotely patriotic for McConnell to resort to petty jabs when it comes to the emergency of depleting funds that are meant to keep 9/11 victims from the danger of unpaid medical bills and the halted access to adequate care and upkeep?

Why aren’t the folks who were vocally abusive to Congresswoman Omar, applying that same logic and temperament to the villain who publicly devalued the worth of a community that only matters when the GOP, and the bullish oaf in the White House are desperate to prove the falsehood of how Muslim-Americans are terrorists-in-training?

White men in powerful positions can demean the residue of 9/11 without any push back from Republicans, Democrats or even presidential hopefuls, and that’s a testament to what the 2020 elections will produce — and why we all should brace ourselves for the heightened dramatics from Trump’s America.

It’s only going to get uglier.

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