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We Need To Talk About The Women That Matter

There’s always the need to highlight the events that make an impact, and the people that play a huge part in the noteworthiness of what transpires.

Time magazine and all the other media organizations that curate the “big lists” at the end of the year, select the newsmakers who have been globally impactful through actions and the passions that drive those ideals.

For me, pretty much every year will aways be about the “women that matter.”

Black women rarely get the rousing applause they deserve for the ability to deal with the unfathomable in ways that shift the dire narrative into the realm of hopefulness and productivity.

There’s also the audacity of a negligent society and how easily we forget the stories that break hearts and activate the reminder of how we don’t matter.

Black women are dope, and the “strength” and “endurance” that we exhibit in times of extreme duress isn’t an inbuilt mechanism that activates when we need to be”superwomen,” and that’s why we have to always pay homage to the women that matter.

Now and always.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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