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Leisha Evans standing her ground in the face of police brutality in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We need to talk about the rogue White cops that tried to kill #blackgirlmagic and #blackhistorymonth in the #whitesnow

Black History Month is underway, and it’s traditionally the period when we celebrate Black Pride with the historical allegiance to the icons of our time, who fought long and hard on behalf of Blackness, and how it can’t ever be overpowered by the supremacy of toxic Whiteness — that’s tragically still enjoying quite a run!

It’s never pleasant to run into another piece of evidence that once again puts to shame all the clueless folks that accuse Colin Kaepernick of being a traitor for taking a knee during the national anthem as a way to protest the systematic oppression of Black people in America.

It’s also an unappetizing treat to notice that the paid HuffPost Black Voices writer who curated the very disturbing piece about the young Black woman who was relieved of her vehicle by a cold-hearted White cop, who watched her walk away in the dark and freezing cold — isn’t a Black staffer.

He’s white!

So let’s talk about Officer Gary Steele, who is a certified asshole as well as a racist cop working the Detroit beat.

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The deep freeze is seizing most of the nation, and though I’ve never been to “Motor City,” the imagery that I conjure up, always seems to evoke the bone-chilling effects of below zero temps, as positioned chimneys simultaneously let out visible steam across the moonless sky.

Officer Steele, who we later find out without shock, harbors a “troubling history,” that went unchecked, because White rogue cops with deadly tendencies towards Black and Brown people are the heroes of law enforcement — due to their habitual need to brutalize, torture and kill — did a very bad thing to an unarmed and helpless citizen.

Twenty-three-year-old Ariel Moore was pulled over for an “expired registration,” and asked to exit her car so that towing services could commence.

That certainly sounds like standard procedure, I mean we can’t exactly fault the police officer for doing his job, even if it does directly inconvenience the person who is being punished for negligence.

But what happens next is graphically offensive in ways that exhaust and exacerbate the dispiritedness that I’ve been feeling, as I combat the depression of being depressed and the depression of being depressed about depressing shit.

Officer Steele allegedly offered a ride home to Ariel Moore, which was the humane thing to do when you consider the below-freezing weather, and how it would be criminal to do what he most likely really wanted to do, but couldn’t.

She refused to take him up on that offer, and proceeded to manage her way through the snow and torturously cold winds in an effort to make it back to her residence, which was only a block away.

So, let’s talk about why the young Black woman was so reluctant to catch a ride with Officer Steele and his partner, despite the frigid temps, that would make it a no-brainer for anyone who is against the idea of freezing to death.

Ariel Moore was already quite aware of what this White cop was all about, and I can almost bet that he made no attempt to be gracious about the fact that he had to tow her car at the most inopportune time. I am convinced that his demeaning behavior and disarming aggressiveness reminded the young Black woman of all the other young Black women who weren’t lucky enough to survive similar encounters featuring viral videos — depicting their harrowing ordeal of physical assault.

She was smart and alert enough to reject the ride of potential death, and chose to stoically walk home in the freezing cold because at least she had a very good chance of getting to her destination — without physical or mental scars.

That’s why Black writers need to write about the black experience.

Also, the evil White cop must’ve known how close Ariel was to her house, and if she had been a young White girl with jewels for eyes, he would’ve either counseled her to swiftly take care of the problem to avoid being stopped again, or he would’ve insisted that they drive the one-block home— in order to comfortably take care of the logistics on her turf.

But Ariel Moore is a Black girl, and that means resorting to the sport of extremes — including compulsory humiliation and the grossest form of racism.

We also need to discuss what happened when our Black heroine proudly turned her back on the cop, who insincerely offered something he was psyched he didn’t have to deliver.

Officer Steele proceeded to Snapchat the event that starred the Black girl walking home in blistering temps, and his cop buddy chimed in by pointing out her “walk of shame,” while stickers were plastered for full effect.

And this is when it gets ornery:

“What black girl magic looks like.” “Celebrating Black History Month.”

The comic relief ends with one of the officers signing off with:

“Bye, Felicia.”

This is where we’ve been, and it’s an absolutely disgusting place reside against our wishes.

Police officers have a terrible reputation based on their immense contribution to violence in the streets of America, where the blood from Black bodies still flows without threat to coagulate.

It’s utterly intolerable to have White cops not only mock and degrade a young Black woman for her decision to avoid the hellish ride home with a bunch of uniformed thugs, but also capture their vileness on film with the authority of how the timing of Black History Month is wondrously epic.

The #blackgirlmagic sticker is the one that cuts the deepest, because we use that for our personal anthem to excel far beyond what we are regulated to amass when White bastards try and fail to steal our shine. And ironically enough, the poaching of that movement that was meant to throw shade, miraculously did the exact opposite.

Ariel Moore is the epitome of #blackgirlmagic, and the fact that her White oppressors thought they could oppress her spirit and her name by pummeling with the sting of her own ammunition — perfectly illustrates why Whiteness can’t ever break us — regardless of guns and cowardice.

A twenty-something White girl would’ve melted in hysteria at the notion of being stranded on a cold Winter’s night, after her car was forcibly taken away.

But this twenty-something Black girl was the real MVP!

Those cops were pissed!

The chatty session fell into the right hands and exposed the nefariousness of men who are paid to police neighborhoods, and provide the level of protection that can only be achieved when trust has been established on both sides.

Ariel and her mother have digested the damning footage, and are both understandably offended by the atrocious behavior of the condemned police officers.

Officer Steele has been “place on restricted duty” while he and his racist partner await the results of the pending investigation.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig, has been vocal about the fact that he’s “angry” about the “racially insensitive post.”

Of course this is an outright RACIST Snapchat post, that reeks of hate, with the specified hashtags that elevate the hostility that these grotesque humans were emanating, while gleefully enjoying the view of the Black girl humbly finding her way home in the dark of night — as the cold winds loudly whistled.

We also learn that Officer Steele was previously charged with assaulting an ex-girlfriend back in 2008, and ended up taking a “misdemeanor deal for probation,” in order to remain on the force.

With that in mind, we need to talk about the bribery and corruption that dominates the core of the police force, and how the incriminating past still remains the shield of protection for “men in blue” who act like badged criminals with an urgent thirst for the mayhem of their own creation.

We have to talk about how the Police Chief made it a point to note that his officers did in fact offer Ariel Moore a ride home, as if that particular item is supposed to absolve these buffoons of their callousness.

We can’t continue to diminish the seriousness of these cases, and how each one of them proves why police officers can’t be trusted under any circumstances.

Officer Steele and his idiot partner had the audacity of celebrating the low-station of their Black victim on Snapchat because they are citizens of Trump’s America, and they know the consequences of their actions will be minimal at best.

When their president curses out Colin Kaepernick and anyone who thinks like him, while praising the pursuits of domestic terrorists who use their Whiteness to bomb Black and Muslim neighborhoods — how can we ever think to accept a ride home from a White cop who snatched our vehicle under the impossibly cold night sky?

#BlackGirlMagic means the power to say “HELL NAH” to White cops without looking back, as a tribute to the month that exalts our beloved ancestors.

And we can give the fuckers the joy of using “Bye Felicia” in jest because our joy is knowing why the irony of that is deliciously savage.

You may think this is a bit much for a brief episode of inconvenience that a young Black woman had to endure; especially when she escaped without a blemish or tears.

But for this Black woman with precious nieces, who are thankfully too young to fathom what life could be like if they were decades older — Ariel Moore’s narrow escape from death is the main reason why #magic applied to her that night.

Happy Black History Month!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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