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Sweet looking biracial baby dolls

We need to talk about…the Kardashian’s sweet looking biracial baby dolls and “hairy” situations with White bigots

White supremacy is the systemized weapon

The Kardashian women have perfected the art of blatant thievery that accrues them all the wealth and power that comes with being able to implant and profit from the features, that Black women have been historically, and still are callously mocked for with relentless disgust.

Back in 2014, when Kim Kardashian became Mrs. West after an exhaustive audition that I personally thought ended when she became Mrs. Humphries — our newly-wed showed off her million-dollar buttocks with a splashy reveal in Paper Magazine — the very same outlet that publicly shamed White girls for turning Instagram into the vibrant tutorial on how to be the better version of Black.

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Black chicks rule when they’re White!

Kylie Jenner who is more “Kardashian” than “Jenner,” is a certified billionaire.

And while Forbes magazine would like us to believe that she worked hard as shit to become untouchable before the ripe old age of twenty-five — we can readily agree that being able to replace her “White girl” features with plumper and fleshier appendages — that cater to customers that inspired her million-dollar idea — was her one-way ticket to Black girl heaven.

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These lips are made for White girls who are Black

And then we have Khloe, who sacrificed it all for Lamar, and then got rewarded with Tristan’s heart, and even though that prize came with the disclaimer of how “Black athletes cheat” with other “big-butts with caress-able hair,” our most opinionated Kardashian hung in there long enough for ratings and the birth of her “sweet biracial baby.”

White mamas who are Black have way more fun!

Sweet looking biracial babies grow up to be the sweet looking biracial girls who always won the beauty contests in boarding school, because White supremacy taught Nigerians the tragic lie of how dark-skinned girls are the image of undesirability. The sweet looking biracial girls were very popular because of the fascination with hair, and how those “defined curls” are way more appetizing than the z-patterns that never yield.

The Kardashian Klan understood the code of conduct when it comes to default preferences, and how influential Black men like to parade around with Black women who aren’t weighed down by the buzzkill features that aren’t refined enough for the covers of GQ or Maxim.

The “K” women have succeeded in the quest to keep that middle finger — high up and straight, with that ultimate “fuck you,” as they fuck Black men with the assess and thighs that seem to be more acceptable for orgasm, when they’re attached to White women who weren’t born Black, but flawlessly compensate for nature’s snafu by purchasing the parts that matter.

It’s not that we care so much about Black men preferring White women when it comes to assessing self-worth, it’s really the grossness of White supremacy and how it empowers the privilege of entrepreneurship and fuckability, at the expense of the originators who never get the credit deserved because Kris Jenner already paid for the CFDA to bequeath her Black daughter with the “influencer” award.

And now the Kardashian’s are poised to flood the marketplace with replicas of their “sweet looking biracial baby dolls,” and we are convinced of this because of the tweet that closes 2018 with a loud bang!

The Kardashian brand is the lifeblood of the world’s most ruthless momager — who casually permitted the surgical transformation of her underaged daughter without batting an eye — and with the support of beauty editors and lip kit experts.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians may be flailing in the ratings, but the everlasting legacy will be those “sweet looking biracial babies,” who serve as the evidential display of how Black men are easily coaxed into rejecting their senses, and how White women are eager to Keep proving how Black women can’t Keep Up.

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Meet “Natasha”

Khloe wants a doll baby for her daughter, who is perfectly “Black” and “White” but not “too Black ” to warrant a Black baby doll, because she’s elite enough to deserve a doll that reflects how “regular Black” isn’t quite good enough.

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Not “Kardashian approved”

There was an alarm that rang loud and firm after that purposely infuriating tweet was posted, and while the naysayers did an astounding job schooling Khloe on the basics of Black motherhood, we have to be prepared for the next ambitious project that will finally prove how White women can supremely fuck us over without consequences.

The “K-brand” biracial baby dolls are coming soon!

And while we wait, we can toil in the realization that society will never end the obsession with Whiteness — in whatever form it assumes — and when the weakest version of Blackness decides to cosign — that’s when the “sweet looking biracial baby dolls” will overtake the already viable landscape of Black dolls in all shades and beauty.

Whiteness is a deadly foe, that exacts physical and mental harm, and that’s why we have nationalized catastrophes starring a sixteen-year-old varsity wrestler, who had to endure having his locks cut short by a White girl in full view of cowardly adults, after a racist visiting referee pompously gave the order.

Andrew Johnson who attends Buena Regional High School is a Black teenager who isn’t presented that way by media outlets, that instinctively refrain from mentioning his age — in case we become uncontrollably inconsolable. Those emotions are reserved for White teen boys who drive around in their dad’s expensive jeeps, drunk and dangerous with a death wish for unsuspecting victims.

This Black teen was forced to pay the price for sporting a hairstyle that is offensive to bigots, who use their supremacy as the bullish ploy to demean and shame for the spectacle of reducing a Black male to emotional shreds.

White males are empowered to utter racial slurs and receive a pat on the back with one-year suspensions, and the assurance that they will get another opportunity to be even more offensive.

The video of the White girl cutting off the dreads as if she were landscaping unsightly weeds is the symbol of White supremacy in its most primal delivery.

And while the Buena Regional Board of Education has vowed to keep its teams far and away from the White male who violated the disposition of a young and impressionable Black boy in a space that feted this abuse — we have to consider the virus of replicants who are strategically placed to carry out the exact same tactics — without necessary interference.

The viral video caused White people to “eye roll” and shrug away the significance of what transpired, with the casual explanation of how “hair is just hair” and why Black people tend to get overly dramatic with something that Caucasians are able to toss around with ease.

This is bullshit!

But hair isn’t just “hair” to the Black children that are thrown out of classrooms by White teachers who can’t tolerate the bulkiness atop the heads of young offenders, who will only learn when they’ve been disciplined to present themselves in ways that don’t threaten or distract.

White people love to fashionably adopt the Black aesthetic that wins them awards and kicks off the annual trend cycle — but heaven forbid that they take the time to consider the gross negligence of their actions — and how it serves as the catalyst for the pain and suffering of Black kids — who aren’t White or rich enough to set trends in environments that don’t protect them from the racist scorn of White officials.

What happened to that sixteen-year-old wrestler has happened before, and will certainly be dramatized again.

The utter disrespect of Black bodies in spaces that cater to that level of abuse is nothing new, and the witnesses who are guilty adults without the conscience to defend and denounce deplorable behavior — have been societally trained to participate in viral videos with the damning visibility of being oversized props in graphic episodes.

White supremacy is the systemized weapon that arms White women with the power to weaponize Black women with their own tools of existence, and get applauded for it by trendsetters. It arms White males with the ability to pose as mentors, who have a penchant for punishing Black teens with bullish requests, that involve physical and mental harm, as the qualifier for advancement.

From the streets to the classrooms to the wrestling mat to the marketing plan for the “sweet looking biracial babies” — Whiteness attacks without mercy and with the violation of instinctual authority.

We can keep talking about it — but action speaks louder than words — and so far what’s happening showcases how Blackness continues to battle the nefariousness of Whiteness.

And the war continues…

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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