Waffle House: Part II

We Need To Talk About The Abuse of Black Women By Cops

I’m fucking angry right now. I’m also tired of being the “angry Black woman” who has to constantly spew out all the obvious reasons why I have to remain angry.

We really need to start discussing the abuse of Black women by cops because it’s an issue that demands immediate attention.

It a sobering fact that Black women are more likely to be unarmed during volatile situations with law enforcement — and this gives their captors the unfair advantage of using excessive force in non-threatening circumstances.

How can something like this happen?

It goes without saying that it should be absolutely unacceptable for cops to be able to manhandle Black women — who are supposed to be innocent before proven guilty.

We can no longer tolerate the brutal climate that allows Black women to be physically abused by police officers without issue.

It’s time to end the violence and ensure that future generations will be spared the curse that comes with their targeted disposition — regardless of conduct.

It. Has. To. Stop.

In the meantime — the fear and loathing of “surviving while Black” continues…

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