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We need to talk about suspending Trump’s Twitter account

Effective Immediately

Donald Trump needs to have his Twitter account suspended indefinitely, and the reasons for his immediate banishment from his tool of choice, when it comes to terrorizing American citizens that he pompously took the oath of office to defend and protect is glaringly obvious.

The past couple of weeks have been a hard lesson in the damning machine that is the media, and how reputable outlets have all but given up on the illustrious task of holding a rogue president firmly accountable for his overt racism and habitual tendency to abstain from the facts.

There has been very little attempt by seasoned journalists to dutifully ensure that Trump’s manufactured tales that center around vulnerable targets, who conveniently possess the attributes that go against the potency of Whiteness that endorses #MAGA, don’t remain unchallenged long enough to gather validation.

Trump and his squad of scumbags, spent the entire weekend vilifying victims of nationalized terror, who are under siege from the nonstop missiles, emanating from a toxic White House, that’s sinking in the mud slide of enabled dysfunction from formulated lawlessness, that gathers its roots from the soil of White supremacy.

It’s the glorified religion that historically put the welfare of Whites above all else.

Instead of focusing on the imminent danger that the President of the United States poses to four Congresswomen of color, who have been systemically harassed and brutalized by the hostile climate that the GOP and its supreme leader are willfully fostering as an act of vengeance — the media has decided to wimp its way through a national emergency with the help of SocialFlow, that provides hourly reminders of how high-profile White folks can’t positively identify a racist, even their lives depended on it.

Trump’s America is the infected eyesore with smelly pus running out and into an ailing world, that can’t escape the poisonous temperatures of a former ally and super power, that has been converted into the designated landscape of activity for alt-right groups.

The United States isn’t factored into the list of countries that are known as the hotbed of terrorism, because we’ve been trained to believe that those acts of violence only apply to Islamic militants, but perhaps it’s time to revise that sentiment.

Domestic terrorism is the national epidemic that the media has abandoned in favor of exhaustively analyzing the overnight tweets of a raging maniac, who is inexplicably bestowed the authority to increase the volatility between the country that he wasn’t born to lead, and troubled nations that are overseen by celebrated madmen, who are ready to demonstrate their deadly lack of restraint.

We really have to talk about Donald Trump and his unhealthy relationship with Twitter.

We have to do what nobody wants to do, and what news organizations won’t consider because of how the industry relies on the profits stemming from the destructive antics of the bullish tyrant that they courted like a king, back when he called Mexicans “rapists” and “murderers,” and instituted the Muslim ban, while updating policies of immigration to limit entry from Black and Brown territories, since preferential treatment extends to applicants from Norway.

The truth is that Trump should’ve been banned from Twitter when he deplorably tweeted out the vile imagery that disgustingly capitalized on the horrors of 9/11 by purposely aligning Congresswoman Ilhan Omar to the messaging of extremists based solely on the fact that she’s a practicing Muslim.

Those actions by a sitting president were not just incredibly offensive, but it automatically added Omar’s name to the hit list of fanatical supporters of #MAGA who consistently prove their allegiance to his brand of White nationalism, especially after he proudly declared that he was the anointed one, who would lead them to victory, during the mid-term elections.

The mechanisms of social media platform gifts influencers with the blue badges that elevate the influence that’s propelled by a massive following, fueled by the inconsistencies of worship culture.

When you have the most powerful man in the universe, engaged in the kinds of behavior that could potentially cause bodily harm to law-abiding and non-threatening individuals, who don’t boast the stellar security detail that their terrorizer is mandated to accommodate for his safety — there has to be a thorough investigation into those nefarious activities and the swift removal of the account in question.

Why should President Trump have the audacity of that level of power when he’s hellbent on misusing it to exacerbate an already tempestuous climate of hate, that he carries into his KKK-themed rallies, where a sea of White revelers are encouraged to chant racist blurbs, evilly directed at a Black woman who fled a war-torn Somalia to end up in the country that made her dreams come true?

When the Thug-in-Chief fiercely tweets about how four women of color, who dare to challenge the systemic failure of his administration, and the noted atrocities that have created inhumane environments at the border and on the bloody streets of America, where hate crimes thrive — don’t deserve to be Americans and need to pack up and head back to their “infested” swamps — he’s sending out the messaging that only White people of Anglo Saxon heritage can legally claim valid citizenship.

We all know that Trump’s racist rants are catering to the murderous wiles of domestic terrorists, who are ready to oblige when it comes to snuffing out the lives that their supreme leader constantly labels as expendable — so why isn’t the press joining forces with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey when it comes to the valiant pursuit of justice in the form of strongly fighting back in the defense of the defenseless?

Why did we spend this past weekend, covered in the blackened soot of traitorous nonchalance as the White media repackaged the president’s monologue of lies without the highlights of the undisputed truth, that frankly states how these four Congresswomen never uttered the words that are being levied against them.

Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Presseley, never, ever referred to the country they love and swore to honor with their selfless pursuits as “garbage,” and their steadfast critiques of the inept individual who stole his position at the White House, and evidently fears them more than the God he dishonors, is borne out of the endearing gratitude for their Americanness, and how it inspires the intense desire to maintain that humanness for all Americans.

How do we effectively handle the crisis of an ineffective man-child, who is a staunch bigot with the freedom to litter his page with retweets from the diabolical minds of foreign infiltrators, like Britain’s Katie Hopkins, who is one of the prominent mascots of far-right extremism.

Hopkins is notorious for her unsanitary hate speeches that run the gamut from downright insults to echoing the scripts that empower world leaders with egomaniacal tendencies to confidently cross the line of reason by breaking the rules and regulations that warn against:

“abusive behavior, such as targeted harassment or expressing hate towards a person, group, or protected category.”

Donald Trump has repeatedly stepped out of bounds by disregarding Twitter’s rules and policies of engagement, and yet the serious consequences that would be unleashed in those circumstances that apply, are apparently reserved for any user who isn’t the President of the United States.

We need to talk about how dangerously criminal it is to force individuals who are already weathering death threats due to the violent attacks from their powerful oppressor, into further emotional turmoil that extends to family members, for reasons that can’t ever validate the constant pain and suffering that could be greatly minimized if the foul-mouthed and unruly bulldog is stripped of his privileges on Twitter.

Jack Dorsey is playing a vital role in this societal chaos of historic proportions, and the woefully defeated media has opted to allow the madness to flourish without issue.

Trump is permitted to keep manipulating standard practices to suit his bigoted agenda.

Hate groups based all over the globe are enjoying the boost of a disorderly platform that has defiantly rejected the notion of strictly policing polluters and pollutants that have effortlessly converged under the tutelage of a White nationalist who is using America to leverage his globalized hysteria.

He doesn’t give a damn about how his actions are putting innocent lives at risk because he and his filthy family members have the security of the Secret Service, while his unfairly targeted Black and Brown victims are vulnerable to the elements of riled up White males with guns, knives or explosives.

Nobody gives a damn about how the Terrorizer-in-Chief will most likely be responsible for an unfathomably tragic event that could’ve been prevented if only those who are charged with authoritative roles, actually cared enough to replace the addiction to algorithms with the responsibility of caging a rabid animal, who should have his claws clipped from his villainous mode of engagement.

We need to keep talking about this clear and present danger until it’s dealt with — accordingly.

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