White America’s “Model women”

We need to talk about media’s love affair with White women who behave badly

Listen, I have been talking non-stop about mainstream media’s unhealthy obsession with prettying up the ugly templates of notable White women, who gain popularity from either doing very bad things or for their affiliation and active participation in the awful shit that’s being orchestrated.

Even before Melania Trump moved into the White House after weeks of wasting the hard-earned salary of tax payers money by remaining sequestered in the penthouse of Trump Tower, the media had already begun the campaign of propping the failed model wannabe with the falsehood of her White victimhood at the hands of a bullish buffoon and failed New York businessman, who she was patriotically supporting at the expense of her stoic principles.

Her Whiteness prevented the unearthing of the damning video clip from 2011, at the height of Citizen Trump’s ill-advised quest to shame President Obama’s heritage by ordering the exposure of a birth certificate that clearly stated what the raging bigot was trying in vain to refute.

Melania publicly echoed her husband’s sentiment while appearing on a nightly TV show, and while her heavy accent may threaten to bury most of her words, we can clearly hear her challenging a sitting president of a country that afforded her permanent status — to prove he isn’t a fraud.

Since she accepted the role as the worst first lady in recent memory, there have been a slew of puff pieces from outlets like The New York Times, CNN.com, etc, that are specifically coined by White women writers, who are innately capable of the formidable task of presenting Melania through the lenses of rose-colored glasses.

Her fashion choices and awkward mannerisms that are on display whenever she accompanies the president on scheduled visits are casually attributed to a brand of White feminism that can only be decoded by White women. And the most recent curation was a sprawling love letter to the woman who married for fame and fortune, and is lucky enough to utilize those skills to her advantage by taking extended breaks from the chaos of the capital city, by pleasurably hiding out at the massive fortress of Palm Beach.

Ivanka Trump is another prime example of how mainstream media prefers to coddle America’s most prized possession from the firing squad of public opinion, regardless of whether or not the treatment fits the crime.

The president’s favorite first daughter has been enjoying a spotless view, since her father’s infamous inauguration. To be fair, she did get the unwavering support and adulation from eager-minded White feminists, who were both supportive and optimistic about Ivanka’s powerful influence over a man who is evidently in love with a young woman, that he claimed he would have bedded if not for the father/daughter scenario.

The breathy monologue that she spewed out to CBS’s Gayle King during a forgettable introductory segment was the glaring preview of how Ivanka Trump is essentially her father’s daughter when it comes to lying on command about shit that can be easily proven, as well as the lack of remorse for the pain and suffering of women and children with Black or Brown skin.

Despite the security risks that come with having Ivanka and husband Jared Kushner as unqualified official employees of the White House based on Trump’s insistence on breaking the law, outlets like the NYT are more invested in publishing lengthy essays about how the first couple of D.C. are able to seamlessly and enviably thrive in a political landscape that was supposed to swallow them whole.

The bullshit piece from The Atlantic, that debuted some weeks ago, featured the familiar homage to Ivanka Trump’s triumphant role as the quiet warrior, who possesses the genius stealthiness of her useless step-mother with the added vigor of being a workhorse behind-the-scenes.

Unlike Melania’s pathetic attempt at validating the righteous purpose of her laughable #BeBest campaign, Ivanka is apparently laying down the foundation for her own future political aspirations, which “sources” for The Atlantic confirmed to be the endearing dream of being the first woman president.

As incredulous as that sounds, we can’t completely blame Ivanka’s misplaced lust for the most powerful office in the world, especially when reputable outlets are working overtime to endorse her sky high ambitions, by producing seductive content that empowers her tainted reputation with the affirmation of her superhuman perseverance in the face of great adversity, which she is ironically helping to fuel as a co-conspirator.

And now we’re greeted with a nasty blast from the past, thanks to the resurrection of this toxic administration’s former communication’s director Hope Hicks, the mysterious beauty who was born to helm the banner of the most lethal version of White feminism that pollutes on contact.

Hicks is a product of wealth and privilege that began in her birthplace of Greenwich, Connecticut, which happens to be one of the wealthiest suburbs in the country. And with that springboard to automatic viability, it’s no surprise that she managed to cross paths and finesse strong bonds with Ivanka Trump, who naturally recommended her friend for the daunting job as her father’s dependable confidante.

Once Hope Hicks became a household name, the media-at-large expectedly became fixated on her striking good looks, and this practice became the standard method of coverage.

The Daily Mail could hardly wait to begin each day of every week with a huge spread of glamor shots, showcasing Hicks strutting up and down the corridors of power, including the exclusive runway sashays on the tarmac against the backdrop of the parked Trump jumbo jet.

But it wasn’t just the gossip mags that were capturing the beauty of a young woman who was White enough to be dolled up by the press, despite being covered in the filth that she was helping to facilitate with her fancy title.

Basically every image that has been used for articles about Hicks, resembles a studio session under the tutelage of a world-renowned fashion photographer. This is the trick that helps to blur out her inconsistencies as a paid violator, helping to protect Trump’s roster of crimes, by admittedly lying to Congress.

And who can forget the romanticized presentation of her controversial dalliance with a former White House aide who was accused of being a wife beater.

Disappointingly, even the online women pubs that scream their adherence to the “woke” era have illustrated their allegiance to this form of worship when it comes to White women who should be outrightly shamed for their encouragement of crimes against humanity.

If you really want to know how Hope Hicks has been delicately handled, try googling that name, and you will find an assortment of goodies dating back to when she was still a White House staffer, and Refinery29 decided to hail her background as a model, and the image inspiration for the low-key Gossip Girls spinoff — It Girl.

And if you want more damning proof of how Hicks has been spending her time under the radar as the heroic over-achiever, who is reaping the fruits of her labor as the graceful survivor of an ongoing national catastrophe, that she helped to instigate, then you must check out Vanity Fair’s vibrant update of her current exploits as Hollywood newest transplant.

So of course it’s no surprise that CNN’s most trusted resource and the installed Queen of The New York Times, Maggie Haberman, would keep the tradition of coddling — activated — with her latest piece that once again casts the spotlight on the irresistible mystique of a fragile White woman, who has the advantage of White privilege to guide her through the “existential” dilemma of whether or not to submit to the requirements of federal laws and regulations, as it pertains to an outstanding congressional subpoena.

Haberman, who is notorious for penning the majority of these glowing reviews of Melania and Ivanka, has been heavily criticized for her recent gem, and after further investigation, some of us weren’t at all shocked to discover that her familial connection to the Trumps via her mother’s employment at one of the top PR crisis firms in the country, that counts Donald Trump as a longtime client — is the main incentive for the unyielding loyalty to a family of thugs.

Either way, we need to keep talking about the media’s splashy and unrelenting love affair with White women who behave badly, particularly when Black women who act in similar ways almost always receive the cold shoulder from the very outlets and political pundits, who seem to have a high tolerance for tainted Whiteness.

Remember how Omarosa was vilified by the media after her dismissal from The White House, and how she received zero support after the president trashed her on Twitter by calling her “dog?”

Why hasn’t Hope Hicks experienced the tongues of disapproval with the avalanche of opinion pieces that shred her to bits for aiding and betting the nefarious activities of her criminally-inclined former boss?

That’s the stuff we need to keep talking about until the media provides appropriate answers.

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