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White girls

We need to talk about Kylie Jenner’s lies about surgeries and Kim’s stolen fashion ideas

In honor of black history month we have to pay homage to the White women who pay a lot of moolah to be Black women, and blissfully pretend that what we’re witnessing is a figment of our imagination.

Iggy Azalea has shamelessly battled it out with Azealia Banks, and you have to wonder the guts it takes to drop the birth name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, for a moniker that suits the path to Black prosperity while converting your body parts to slabs of Black meat — and still garner the strength and might to daringly go head to head against the Black woman that you robbed in broad daylight.

But the original gurus in this maddening game of “Who is The Best Black Woman Who is Really White” has to be the Kardashian/Jenner klan.

Truth be told, in the early days of Keeping Up with the Family that rules the world, the seemingly untouched loveliness of the sex tape diva and her benefactors, was somewhat bearable against the landscape of the rolling hills of Calabasas.

But those days are long gone!

We are now being feted with the results of what can manifest when a decade passes by, and the investments add up to piles of evidence of how overflowing riches and ceaseless power can’t ever be enough.

They want more! more! more!

And so we have to talk about the ongoing physical alterations in the ass department. We also can’t forget the implantation of lips, boobs, cheekbones, and thighs. In fact let’s just discuss the whole damn template, and how what was once the regular White chick staple, emerged as the leading example of what Whiteness can do to Blackness in the blink of an eye.

Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall have all sworn to the high heavens that the only surgical treatment they’ve received is in the form of injectables that are used to sustain the myth of perfection.

Injectables are actually for low-grade maintenance. The ambitious high ballers can’t possibly rely on those periodic visits for the flawless curves and uniformed buttocks, that jut out in unison with other well-connected conveyors of trends.


The K-Babes and J-Twins committed to the plot of manipulating the folds of skin and pores with the knifing of millionaire surgeons, who are able to make an underaged Kylie, the priciest floating device that ever was.

In a recent outing with Paper Magazine, the youngest member of the Family, had a lot to say about the rumors of how she savaged the original version to produce what she’s currently inhabiting.

When asked about the fact that the general public has accepted her allegiance to complex surgical enhancements that were serious enough to create a whole new person, Kylie demurely answered:

“People think I fully went under the knife and completely reconstructed my face, which is completely false.”

And then she adds:

“I’m terrified. I would never.”

Kylie is amused that silly things like us would suggest that she literally spent thousands of dollars inflating her previously deflated features, when she’s been modestly maximizing the invaluable benefits of “good hair, and makeup, and, like, fillers.”

So, in Kylie’s world, the lip and hair game is as far as she’s willing to go,

Of course it’s complete bullshit.

And what’s also absolute shit, is how the media seems to coddle the idiotic explanations that are clearly unbelievable to the human eye.

There’s no way in the world that we’re sharing, that Kylie and her older sisters, were born with protruding backsides, ultra-slender rib cages, impossibly generous bosoms, and the balancing act of hips that resemble what Black women used to be ridiculed for — until White women attached their pricier versions for good measure.

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Black girl

Whatever happened to investigative journalism, and the quest to uncover the life-altering truths?

Why are we allowing Kris Jenner to bamboozle the industry to the point of no return with the snap of well-manicured fingers, that coerce the payday that encourages the loyalty of so-called journalists, who casually pose the questions with the understanding that the lies will stay the same.

Wouldn’t it be more influential if influencers proudly owned their shit?

Why can’t Kylie give her legions of young fans what they really need in the form of the truth about how goddamn painful it was to expand and contrast body parts. Why can’t she confess that she did it to evoke the Black aesthetic, which only works if you have shiny long hair, and the skin color that Black rappers and athletes jerk off to?

And while she’s at it, why can’t she submit to the facts about her “self-made” nonsense, which she was also queried about, and disappointingly delivered this mess:

“My parents told me I needed to make my own money, it’s time to learn how to save and spend your own money, stuff like that.” “What I’m trying to say is I did have a platform, but none of my money is inherited.”


She may look 41, but she sure does sound like the tragically naive 21-year-old that she really is.

Again, the media isn’t helping, in fact the industry is desperately on Kris’ payroll. That’s the only way to explain how Forbes magazine can even think to assign Kylie Jenner the “self-made billionaire” status, as if she enviably fought her way through unfathomable obstacles to miraculously become an overnight entrepreneur with the world at her feet.

When Kylie admits that she “did have a platform” but none of her money is inherited, we have to readily point out that having a massively substantial platform is akin to commanding a competitive bank account, which is why I can’t get a damn job until my number of followers swell up to the preferred dollar amount.

Misleading young and impressionable women who look up to her for their future endowment is just criminal. And the media outlets who assist Kylie Jenner in this celebrated farce, are also enabling this culture of falsehood, that dangerously convinces us that we need to give props to the young twenty-something socialite, who developed a highly successful cosmetic line with the exposure and support of her gangster momager — because she’s amazingly ahead of the curve.

Kim Kardashian West, is the mastermind who started this impressive operation after her sexual exploits were minted for the goldmine that’s still going strong,

Kim is the ultimate Black chick, with the tanning, stanning for her rapper beau, and the winning in all areas of life, including the latest battle to reclaim her creations from a generic fashion house, that she accuses of stealing her stylish ideas.

Kanye’s “one and only” dropped this classic on Twitter — and all hell broke loose.

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Kim wants $10 million for the damage caused by Misguided, because of how the fashion brand relies on her images as promos for the cheaper interpretations of the reality star’s conceived ideas.

Nevermind that Kim Kardashian West and her sisterly replicants are walking billboards of stolen scraps from a culture that they vulture without the immense burden that comes with being a Black woman in America with the “Bo Derek” headpiece and the wealthy posterior that is smooth and rounded with the authority of how White girls do it better.

Black girl

Kim got dragged to the hilt for her suggestion that she’s a victim of creative theft because her White tears falling down those browned cheeks, still fall with the Whiteness that can’t ever be erased, because White privilege ultimately devours the best of them.

The “call out” and “cancel” culture can be quite exhausting, but every once in awhile it breathes life into the nefariousness of White women posing as Black women with all the prizes that applaud “trendsetters,” who can make native hairstyles look “Great Again” without the controversy of being kicked out of spaces of higher learning for the sin of being naturally what you are.

How the hell are the Kardarshian and Jenner women able to navigate this extreme landscape of heightened opinions without being eaten alive for how they dominate all facets of beauty and fashion — utilizing the very features that Black women are shamed for by staple worshippers that provide stellar ratings and profitable sales?

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Black girl

They date Black men and then discard them like yesterday’s road kill.

They walk around as if the sun rises and sets on those supremely bloated asses, while their thuggish momager prepares the daily newsletters that swindle pathetic fans into staged fare for the upcoming season of the ailing reality show.

I say do what you have to do, but do it with the realness of your fakery, because being White women living the Black Woman Dream, comes with a price.

And as far as we can tell, those bills are way past due!

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She was so not born that way!

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