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We need to talk about CNN humanizing Kellyanne Conway and ignoring San Juan’s victimized mayor

Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz is the real BADASS

We need to talk about CNN’s latest snafu that resembles the networks traditional approach to “playing both sides” when it comes to this abhorrently toxic administration, and how the obsession with the gangster hijacking the White House is no longer a badly hidden secret.

From the moment the studio cameras were glued to Candidate Trump’s jumbo jet, imposingly parked on the tarmac, it was officially love at first sight. CNN made it blatantly obvious that it understood the power of the brand, and how the historic victory of a failed New York businessman turned reality TV star would translate to lucrative non-stop coverage.

Not to mention the propelled career trajectories of overpaid anchors and burgeoning political pundits.

Mainstream media always needed Donald Trump to be as offensively vile as he has proven to be, and the transparency in the pampering of White privilege that’s depicted in the laughable coverage of his staged antics is just some of the ways in which journalism has rotted to the core.

And this brings us to the deplorable act of gross hypocrisy, that is on display through the nauseating video clips circulating the web.

It features the distinguished cable network’s resident superstar, Dana Bash and the so-called “counselor to the president, Kellyanne Conway, engaged in civilized conversation about the uncivilized and life-threatening regime that the president, who’s being “counseled” by one of the “Badass Women of Washington,” is recklessly fostering.

Watch and puke!

CNN isn’t the only reputable media outlet to woefully fall short of modest expectations when it comes to the systemic coddling of notable figures who thrive notoriously. The New York Times does the same exact shit, and even though nobody talks about it, we can’t pretend not to be horrified by the neutral messaging via generic fluff pieces, that praise-worship the dodging skills of “Javanka” when it comes to astutely operating under the radar.

Apparently, Ivanka Trump and her robotic hubby, Jared Kushner, who are both presently putting the nation at high risk with their stolen job titles, have mastered the ability to increase the currency of their privilege by evoking an overall sense of purity in the midst of criminal activities, that will undoubtedly stain their legacies based on levels of complicity.

And that brings us to Kellyanne Conway, CNN’s “darling of primetime fodder” and Chris Cuomo’s strategic invite, whose presence induces migraines on infuriated viewers, who can’t figure out why a woman who makes a living spewing out badly-packaged lies on behalf of her demonic boss, is consistently awarded the red carpet treatment by superstar anchors who pretend to be aggressively against her defense.

Conway, is the lethal dose of White feminism in its most primal form, and this is proven in the weekly allowances from CNN, to engage in combative exercises that don’t ever provide intelligible results that aim to elevate or at the very least retain the high standards of a once well-respected network, that has become unrecognizable in its quest to ravenously suck the ass of Trump and his prized henchmen.

All we get from the maddening back and forth between Cuomo and the woman who boosted his career to the big leagues, is the assurance that foul-mouthed White woman will always be granted the spotlight, especially when they’re disarmingly shameless in their prejudiced belief system.

We saw it with disgraced, but handsomely compensated Megyn Kelly, who spent most of her time at Fox News berating Black children for believing in Black Santa and Black Jesus, while cursing out murdered Black women for being too angry to survive encounters with violent White cops — and how those seemingly winning qualities forced NBC to woo her over to their neck of the woods.

That didn’t work out too well.

But it did prove what we’re witnessing with CNN and the celebratory stance that’s being forwarded to Conway, despite the immense role she’s played in finessing the deadliness of an administration that exacted crimes against humanity with the immigration border crisis, that included tear gassing mothers and their children.

The callous enabler of this volatile climate, who initiated “alternative facts” as the phrase that’s aided in demonizing media organizations that refuse to join Fox in the religion of glorifying the White supremacist in the Oval Office, has been ceremoniously added to the illustrious list of women who are being applauded for their meteoric rise to the top.

However, how does CNN propose to defend such a damning choice based on the trifling track record of a woman who makes press secretary Sarah Sanders look like a saint?

If you don’t believe me, check this out:

Not long after that disastrously nonsensical segment, fellow primetime trailblazer, Don Lemon, offered his analysis, and it felt slightly disingenuous, when you consider that CNN is a seasoned network, that comprises of the best that the industry has to offer, and therefore, the incentive behind Conway’s regular appearances, have everything to do with capitalizing on her appeal — for better or worse

CNN’s “Badass Women of Washington” should’ve been titled “Ugly Bitches of Washington” due to the addition of Ronna McDaniel, niece of Mitt Romney, and current Chair of the RNC, who uses her Twitter account as the extension of Trump’s bigoted attacks against migrants, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and the population of Black and Brown.

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RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel said that “morality isn’t necessary in a president”

It’s appallingly shameful that Dana Bash & Co. with all that combined experience and knowledge, would find it acceptable to elevate the worth of future felons, by turning a blind eye to the horrific acts of violence, that have been birthed from the playbook of a president who uses his presidency to pledge allegiance to White nationalism, while encouraging the motives of White male terrorists by endorsing this national and global climate of terror that remains undefeated.

We also need to talk about the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, the real BADASS, who went through unimaginable hell after Hurricane Maria did its worse, and instead of garnering the empathy and unwavering support from the Trump administration, was forced to endure the president’s bullish behavior during the infamous visit that included a game of “paper towel tossing,” and the rant about outstanding debt.

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Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz: Badass Woman of America!

How do we even begin to comprehend the sobering consequences of Trump’s visit, and how he was unable and unwilling to assume the role of “comforter-in-chief.”

Instead, he defaulted to weaponizing his Whiteness against victims of a catastrophic event by shaming their status with evidence of their systemic poverty, which has been historically directed by the gross negligence of the American government.

Mayor Yulin Cruz refused to remain silent through the trials and tribulations of the harrowing aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and this was documented through the relentless sparring with President Trump, that escalated when the official death count from the storm rose substantially from what was previously reported, and the main cause was attributed to the outright failure of governmental agencies like FEMA when it came to providing timely and adequate assistance.

Trump and the “Bitches” of his administration, including Sarah Sanders and Kellyanne Conway, showed no compassion for the tragically displaced islanders, as the president resorted to Twitter, as his primary mode of assault on a woman and highly-regarded government official, who was heroically fighting a losing battle without the support of the White feminists that CNN is lifting up as prime examples of excellence.

Mayor Yulin Cruz was steadfast in her pleas for help, but her mission was thwarted by the never-ending “TrumpFest,” that’s flourishing under the activation of those who uphold his life-threatening agendas, either by speaking for it, or speaking against it with the flexibility and greed of championing those who should be silenced.

We really need to keep talking about the terminal state of journalism, and how it’s never okay to entertainingly give bona fide evildoers a pass because of the inconsistencies of politics that permits the occasional bonding moments that are meant to humanize the diseased delivery of White feminism, with the sting that leaves worthier women of color without their badges of honor.

There’s absolutely nothing “BADASS” about that shit.

FYI: For the haters, who think “Ugly Bitches” refers to physical appearance, that’s far from the truth. There’s nothing more unsightly than the ugliness that simmers inside because it’s almost impossible to beautify.

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