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We Need To Blame Jack Dorsey & Co. For Impending Doom

Jack Dorsey is full of shit. So am I, and so are you. We complain about the evils of social media and yet we allow the addiction to cloud our ability to rescue ourselves out of the maddening affair.

I have written a handful of pieces that are directed at the normalized dysfunction of social media with the background story of why it was urgent for me to permanently close down my Facebook page.

It’s a chilly process to recall the bizarre steps that were necessary to finally remove myself from the whacky world of “friend anniversaries” and the other reminders that were almost always badly timed and often times triggering.

Did you know that the residue from your departure results in harassing emails from Facebook as the system-generated guilt trip, that does nothing more than reassure the wise decision that prompted abandoning cultish habits, until the very end?

Instagram has become my sweet spot for food porn and cute animal videos, starring mostly fun-loving elephants. The rest of the blatantly narcissistic humans, who are inexplicably convinced of their uniqueness in the selfie game, are thankfully quite easy to glaze over.

Twitter is my sickness, and I’m tragically getting sicker.

The polluted landscape that hosts the potency of inhumanness on a scale that shouldn’t be survivable is also the same venue that has inspired the activism that goes beyond hashtags and retweets.

The career boosts and fruitful collaborations, as well as the tangible possibility that tomorrow could alter your pending status for the better are all combined attributes of engagement that are hard to resist.

But truth be told, we spend entirely too much of our time internalizing the relentless and brutal attacks of lawless users, who parlay their frustrations onto the strangers who are fair game with their personal logins.

There’s so much to be angry about, and that rage comes from the nonstop breaking news that’s composed to validate mass hysteria.

Everything about our method of daily consumption is problematic. We can’t possibly spare enough empathy for the minute by minute disasters that flood our timelines with threat to our sanity.

And in the midst of defending the Black girl innocence of Blue Ivy, congratulating Meghan and Harry for defecting to greener pastures, and shaming Jillian Michaels for shaming Lizzo, there’s still plenty of time to curse out Donald Trump for his illegal engagement, and how it’s putting our lives in imminent danger.

The first day of the year, I proudly recognized how I had managed to stay far away from Trump’s debris-laden Twitter page for a little over a week, and vowed to keep up the good work.

But then the crisis in Iran happened, and old habits were revived.

Trump’s tweets during the period of national turmoil that hasn’t been minimized, despite the sham of his address to the nation, are the glaring evidence of what it’s like to be held hostage by the nefariousness of a human grenade.

As the impeachment saga continues to grate on his nerves, Trump finds time to tweet his displeasure while also strutting the signature move of blaming hampered cities for issues that are unavoidable based on their unique dispositions.

It’s laughable that he describes them as “Democratic Party run cities” and terrifying that he insists that the federal government isn’t required to intervene.

But his erratic and threatening online behavior right after the surprise attack that left Iran’s most revered general blown to pieces, near Baghdad International Airport, is the shit that makes me truly marvel at how Jack Dorsey is able to sleep soundly well at night.

The late night of January 2nd 2020 was spent in disbelief as the details poured in about impending doom, thanks to the roguish efforts of Trump and his hapless cohorts. And when all was said and done, the ominous tweet to follow resembled the illustration of an act of war.

There was no immediacy to stage a briefing as White House communications remained loudly silent with the so-called press secretary resorting to re-sharing content from the official White House account, as well as the rubbish on her boss’ page.

Trump couldn’t help himself when it came to proving the obvious point of how he hatched the perfect plan to distract from the sobering fact that he’s an impeached president. He tweeted out his accomplishments with the annoyance of not being to focus solely on the “REAL USA,” whatever that means!

And then it was right back to the scary stuff. The kind of shit that would get any other user swiftly expelled, but when it comes to a seasoned gangster with the weighty title of the “most powerful person in the world,” all bets are off.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris spent time campaigning to have Donald Trump’s Twitter account suspended before she announced her exit from the race.

Her reasonable request was met with mockery on the very platform that she’s fighting to ensure proper policing by greedy founders and royalty of Silicon Valley, who can’t seem to come up with an acceptable reason for enabling the sheer terror of Trump’s daily engagement.

When directly addressing the claims made by Harris about Twitter’s disturbing complicity, the platform responded with a blog post that read in part:

“We want to make it clear today that the accounts of world leaders are not above our policies entirely.”

But in the same vein, Twitter also confirmed that it does grant special privileges for “world leaders” even when they break the rules and policies, especially if their tweets are of “clear public interest value,” which basically applies to anything posted by President Trump.

What a crock of shit!

Twitter further covers its ass by righteously stating that:

“Direct interactions with fellow public figures, comments on political issues of the day, or foreign policy saber-rattling on economic or military issues are generally not in violation.”

This of course would make sense if we had a leader who possesses the key characteristics that direct the motives of a thoughtful, disciplined and capable Commander-in-Chief, who can instinctively assess situations for the purpose of devising the appropriate approach that won’t guarantee escalation.

Jack Dorsey & Co. clearly don’t have a full grasp of what it means to step out of character for the betterment of mankind, when it comes to recognizing how Trump is a serious threat to our national security when he tweets out this craziness after Iran swore revenge for the killing of Soleimani.

And this gem after we got word of the airstrikes that were the counter punch that Iran promised.

“All is well!” “So far so good!”

And just when you think it can’t get any worse, we are gifted with the president’s retweet of offensive content that once again carries weighty consequences of normalized Islamophobia in America.

I’m disgusted by all of it, and I hate that my participation as an active user is also assisting to maintain the hostility of this volatile climate that’s going to eventually smother us.

What’s the answer?

Quit. Leave now that we can still locate our faculties. Revert back to human contact and the ability to summon horror at the graphic images that don’t move us to tears like the good old days.

We are feeding the beast, and starving at the same time.

No winners. Only losers.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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