Protesters gathering in Minnesota in the name of George Floyd and other Black victims of police brutality. Kerem Yucel AFP/Getty Images

We live for today when tomorrow is gone.

We live to breathe air that we saw as eyes closed to open lids in mourning.

Tears ruffle floods of moments in stance of the dead in coffins that crack from duress.

We live to defy the shame of yesteryears with present queries.

We live in moving dunes and hoisted memories serving as sways to motionless streams.

We live in the belly of daunting scrapes with shooting arrows tainting skies in wraths of beauty.

We live for endurance, and the stripes of humanity blazing skins with flights of colors shrouded in lore.

We live for the master and fouls gathered in brimming fury against fighters for freedom, soaring with bonded fists.

We live in the gaze of former soldiers breathing words from soiled grounds embedded in illustrious steps.

We live in cups of large hands dipped in fresh and glazed blood, blended in unburied promises.

We live in the death of unsung poets who endure rewritten curses.

We live in prolific disarray, circled with windy puffs of revolutionary kisses, as bloated smackers swell into floats of hope.

We live to catch the fall.

We live to rise and lift off.

We live to burst killer establishments at the helm of furnished discontent.

We live to contentedly manufacture renewal of spirits and relations.

We live to strip the evils of bold whiteness, to shame naked, lax muscles of pacified bullies.

We live to establish Blackness in the context of Black and Free with amplified power for security and realignment.

We live together and separate, but the strings of fundamentals will provide solidification for the roster of historical views.

We live for today when tomorrow comes.

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