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We Have To Stop Humanizing Racists

Rush Limbaugh? Really?!

Listen, I’m drained beyond reason for obvious reasons, and while I would love to be able to write my heart out about a multitude of topics pertaining to our latest nightmare, my depleted energy is a strong sign of utter fatigue that was inevitable.

But I can’t ignore the glaring signs of dysfunction that directly affect a community that’s combusting from the strain of systemic racism.

The power structures endorse violent extremism against Black people in ways that demonstrate our dehumanization when time and time again — white murderers with badges are permitted to walk free.

George Floyd is the name on our lips, and the reason why big cities across the country are hosting raging marches of protesters, who are inconsolable in their grief, and united in their fight for justice on behalf of the countless Black lives that have been criminally silenced by notable institutions adhering to the religion of white supremacy.

We’ve been here many times before. We’ve seen the newly-minted hashtags and death videos that depict the horrific last minutes of Black men, women and children, who were cursed with the awful departure from this earth at the hands of thugs-in-uniform.

The rest of the world has borrowed the ongoing quest for justice on behalf of the Black man who begged to breathe while his killer had his hands in his pockets and his accomplices watched with brutal nonchalance.

Our anger and plain knowns no bounds, and emotions are heightened beyond reach, as we struggle to stay safe from a deadly virus, and fight to breathe through this epic season of national unrest, that can’t be stifled until the terrorizers who ended George Floyd’s life are handed the punishment that fits the crime.

We have no choice but to turn to the cultural landscape that features A-listers who’ve earned the right to step up in a visible fashion to assist in assuaging the hysteria crippling millions of followers.

And if that doesn’t quite work, we can also tune into the voices that serve as representation of the active conversations that cosign the specific mindset of the collective, in ways that can’t be replicated by infiltrators and shameless poachers, who don’t have the DNA to serve wisdom, accordingly.

The Breakfast Club is my infuriating go-to when times are too hard for words or during calmer periods when a good laugh will do the trick.

However, the missteps of the crew: Charlamagne tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy have me swearing up and down that I will permanently disconnect from their morning routine.

For example, the disgraceful episode where the iconic comedian and Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique was showcased as “Donkey of The Day” purely based on her unwillingness to be passive about negotiations with Netflix after the streaming giant offered her pennies for a comedy special, definitely hit below the belt

Mo’Nique should be dominating the genre she helped shape for future generations. Aside from that, it’s clear that her complex and combative history with the likes of Oprah, Lee Daniels and other well-respected Black moguls, who are giants of white Hollywood, played a vital role in her cold reception from the radio co-hosts.

The other gripe I have with The Breakfast Club happened when Tomi Lahren was inexplicably extended an invite back in 2016, during the rise of Donald Trump, and how that made her an overnight sensation.

The same year that white America elected a white nationalist and incompetent oaf as Obama’s anointed successor.

Lahren, a “conservative political commentator” has finessed a successful brand that thrives on the offensive messaging that validates the rulebook of white supremacism.

She’s the bubbly blonde with the kind of attitude that would surely get Black women arrested by white cops, who can’t accommodate the intelligence and spirited attributes emanating from the package that doesn’t fit their fantasies.

Tomi Lahren found fame and fortune being the voice of unreason. It’s the brand that made her a superstar of white America before the age of twenty-five.

Lahren doesn’t have to do much to get attention. She just as has to spew out garbage and be amply rewarded for her hateful rhetoric. She can even score an invitation to The Breakfast Club and The Daily Show.

Charlamagne and Trevor Noah were both mercilessly roasted for their traitorous contributions to the madness stemming from something like Donald Trump moving into The White House.

You can’t reason with white people who get paid to publicly denounce the worth of Black people.

Hosting highly-visible platforms that provide exposure to scums of the earth isn’t the assignment that uplifts and inspires the viewership of those who rely on you for the solace away from the bullshit.

Both men who are recognized for their influential positions tried but failed to convince us of the activism that encouraged their need to waste time on Tomi Lahren, who gained a larger following after her “brave” entry into Black territory.

Four years later, and while we are battling the attacks from Covid-19, and the continued deadliness of police brutality, The Breakfast Club strikes again with the unforgivable entry of a long-time assaulter of #BlackLivesMatter, who was awarded the Medal of Freedom for his decades of grossness.

Rush Limbaugh may be burdened with a terminal illness, but that’s not slowing down the hunger for attention wherever the hell he can get it.

For reasons that don’t add up, Charlamagne & Co., willingly picked the diseased brain of a parasite, who has issued demeaning statements about the Black community that range from idiotic to revolting, and the insults extend to the LGBTQ community.

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Here’s the thing, when Fox News, a terror cell that should be investigated for the malicious spread of misinformation, that ended up killing thousands of Americans who believed coronavirus was “a hoax,” actually gives you a shoutout for aligning with a racist pig, thats’ when you’ve royally fucked up.

Revered Black outlets that are committed to narratives designed for the community that desperately requires safe spaces for our wins and losses, must be aware of how their actions can make or break us in an instant.

We can’t afford to humanize a dying white man, who isn’t at all humbled enough by his unfortunate status to take the necessary time out from the accumulated years of orneriness to acknowledge his own immense contribution to systemic violence against Black people.

How can we invite an enemy of our progress to the designated hub for our overall enhancement without doing the vetting that confirms his overdue payment for his documented atrociousness?

If Fox News, the unchallenged “enemy of the people,” and required viewing for white America can boldly declare a truce with the megaphone of Black culture, that basically translates into all the reasons why The Breakfast Club will be the:

Donkey of Our Lifetime.

Shame on Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy for even conceiving the notion that breaking bread with the likes of Rush Limbaugh will somehow cater to their community and deliver the opportunity for healing and much-needed refreshment.

When I peeped that a corny radio personality with a damming track record of harassing and degrading Black people with the added measure of being a proud misogynist, who famously rejects “the concept of consent in sexual relations,” was making an appearance on the radio show I frequently listen to — I felt victimized and very sad.

I would like to advise the cohosts “do better,” but I already know I’m setting myself up for future disappointment.

So I will just plead with them to stop normalizing renowned racists who accept the invitation with the understanding that it will make them look less dangerous and more agreeable.

Rush Limbaugh has been certified a hero by his long-time fans, who are elated that a popular Black radio show that supposedly speaks for all of us, generously considered the deplorable point of view that gets Black people killed with no justice in sight.

We don’t have time for this shit!


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