Now, if he looked like this…

We Don’t have a President, We Have a Gangster in The White House

From the moment Donald J. Trump became a candidate for the highest office in the land — it was jarringly clear that there was a shift towards the paranormal.

A renowned bully with first-class jets that matched his very bad manners. A sissy with big words who commands skyscrapers that bear his name while infecting cities — and displacing thousands of vulnerable Americans. A pig with a curled tail that he wriggles around any time he doesn’t get his way. A liar, torturer, bait-collector, debt-inducer, famed groper, Nazi worshipper, aging demon, and so on and so forth.

There are many ways to describe the man who proudly exudes the virus of stolen privilege with swollen pride and prejudice.

One thing we can’t deny him is his gift for throwing his weight around with reckless abandon and without consideration for reputation or hurt feelings.

Trump has strategically doused his days in office with a daily confetti of poison that seems to be working its magic when it comes to overcoming willing victims who take a whiff — and conform to the intensity of his wrong deeds.

He did it again some hours ago.

The man with the blackened heart and golden hair — finally gave racist America — the moment they have been praying for — ever since that Black man was assigned the most powerful address in the world.

It must have been unbearable to watch the First Family wave destiny into existence as the world popped bottles and praised every spiritual figure within reach — for ordaining the arrival of the Messiah without the dazzling blue eyes and the crown of flowing fair-hued tresses.

He did however carry the crown of thorns. It pierced him all through his reign, but he managed to avoid bleeding to death. He was no saint, but neither was Jesus. But, he did the very best he could to uphold the Office of the Presidency. He worked tirelessly for the benefit of a nation that he respected for the mere fact that it afforded him the opportunity to achieve what Black America believed would transpire.

Because that’s the American Way.

America gave us Obama. Then, White America gave us Trump — to punish us for teaching them how to respect a Black man who didn’t ask for it. He fucking demanded it.

Sorry, White America, we will never recognize your overblown barbie doll with the bad hair.

Yes, things are beyond terrible, in fact they are so bad that I’m ashamed to be in the presence of my own parents. They used to convince me that the United States of America was the one place on earth that embraced you with no questions asked. Once you found your way here — however magnified your dreams — there was more than enough room to park and play.

That is still the case.

Only this time — we are internalizing the disgusting visions of White people who love America, but hate Americans. They don’t even like Trump very much. They only chose him because he was vile enough to feed the frenzy of anger. He doesn’t give a fuck about them either. The only one he truly loves is Ivanka, and maybe that golf course in Scotland comes a close second.

I’m here to tell you that most of you are pissing me off.

I’m also here to confess that I’m even more annoyed with myself. I joined you during that long stretch of laughs and roll overs — when SNL finally reclaimed its iconic status. It came at a high price. You think those parodies were hilarious as fuck? Who’s laughing now?

Why the hell are you bugged out that a racist leader who was voted into office by White supremacists would recoil at the notion of publicly calling out their unfathomable behavior?

Did you really not peep the fact that he is as vile as that dude in The Godfather. Michael Corleone killed his own goddamn brother! I know Fredo was special — but damn! Trump has no friends or lovers. He’s a dragon breathing fire into the sky to light up his moniker.

And I know this might be a leap on my part — but I absolutely believe that The Book of Revelation is a gem of a thesis. The construct is plain as day — when it matches the forces of good and evil against the backdrop of a seasonal episode of Game of Thrones.

Fuck Confederate. What we need is Revelation.

The revelation that our mighty anger unites us more than any past time ever could. The revelation that a leaderless country cannot be contained until the beast is thwarted by White people who aren’t heroes — they just can’t stand what being American means when another American fucks up. The revelation that despite all the warning signs that led to this moment — the word on the street continues to shock and dismay.

I didn’t understand, until it hit me.

How else can media outlets and SNL function if the entertainment dies and the laugh track is silenced by the revelation that a gangster is using The White House as an outhouse for the war that will rearrange the states of America — for good.

You knew this would happen and yet I pretended not to care. That, is so not American.

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