We die to live for the days ahead

To rekindle the blast of memories

That fill the succulent minds

Of the ones we leave behind

They bear the mantle that shines

As our reflection appear in the mirror of our eyes

As the absence of the smile and the hugs embrace

Every ounce of truth that we were


Once upon a time

You brought me out

And shielded me from the aches and pains that threatened

to make me human.

I grew up and blossomed

Like the child in a child

Never too big or too old

For the occasions of merriment

When I whip my skirt in response to

The pride of your functioning parenthood.

We die

I left with the dash of the wind

That resonates with the beacon

Of the weariness that delayed

My arrival and quickened my departure

The beauty of love within the boundaries

Of every parent and child

Is the timeless stretch of enduring

The empty glow that we see

But can’t touch.

In the realm of the residence

That moves us to the fear and anger

That jolts us to recognition of

The ticking clock that abides in us

The pleasures and expectations of the

day will bring us the glory we lost

When we lay back as you were, hoping to be received

By the crowd of our past.

Once the beam of remembrance overshadows

The resistance of time and space

Once we obey the path that brightens with

Each deafening breath

Once we see the beginning of the start

That bound us to this callous place

Once we lift together in silence and

The lightness of being enthralls our reunion

Then. We Die.

For Daisy

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