Hip Hop Hooray!

We Can All Jump Into 2017 Like — Hey!

I tried to do that on the last day of 2016. I linked up with my friend of over a decade who asked me to join her and her grandson (okay, she had her daughter when she was crazy young, which makes her a crazy young and hot grandma) for a two-hour jaunt in a man-made city that features endless avenues of trampolines and other gadgets of heightened pleasure.

I couldn’t jump.

I was dressed for the epic somersaults and the multiple squares waiting to cushion the blow of every muthafucking thing that kept me from riding the waves of contentment.

I am ready to fuck it and fuck with joy and be healed from the fucked up shit that has fucked me over for way too long.

I am basically jumping into 2017 like hey!

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