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We Are Going Round and Round The Cycle of Systemic Murders

Ezinne Ukoha
4 min readApr 28, 2021


About a week ago, the entire nation held its breath and braced for the city of Minneapolis in the wake of the Derek Chauvin trial and the chosen jurors, who had the power to gift George Floyd’s bereaved family members with the justice that alluded those who were scarred with betrayals of a biased judicial process.

The former Minneapolis police officer and lifelong white supremacist was found guilty on all three accounts and currently awaits sentencing, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

While there was jubilation in the streets and in Black homes across the nation, there was also the cautiousness of staying woke and alert to the miraculous outcome of an open and shut case, that was anchored by the fact that the whole world witnessed the systemic killing of an unarmed Black victim, whose pleas to breathe were hauntingly ignored by his badged white killer.

Since the verdict was triumphantly handed down to a murderous bigot who failed to beat the system that built him, we’ve been hit with back-to-back tragedies orchestrated by brutish cops, outfitted soldiers of death, who only recognize the mandate of shooting to kill, when in the vicinity of Black folks.

Not even the Black youth is spared the worst case scenario, as evident with the slaughtering of Tamir Rice back in 2014. He was the 12-years-old kid, playing at a local park with a toy gun, when his encounter with a white Cleveland police officer turned deadly, due to the assumption that the unsuspecting Black child was a grown man brandishing a weapon at the general public.

There are plenty of commentators, both within and outside the Black community who truly believe that Ma’Khia Bryant, who was only sixteen at the time of her death, somehow earned the systemic violence that ended her life.

How does a trained police officer called to the scene of unfolding chaos, not have the disciplined temperament and overall professionalism to swiftly access the situation and take action in ways that won’t showcase the evidence of a young Black girl’s bullet-ridden body!

She was shot FOUR times?!?

Any argument that inconceivably endorses the shooting death of a Black girl, at the…