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Venus And Serena Are Making History and Inspiring The Rise of Future Champions

And nobody gives a damn

In the midst of Cardi B’s highly-anticipated pregnancy announcement and the ongoing raging war against and for light-skinned actresses who are publicly vocal about their privilege —a series of episodes have been playing out with grandeur at one of the most esteemed events in the sport of tennis.

The backdrop is the imposingly and serenely gorgeous mountains of Indian Wells, California — the selected host for the annual high-level tennis tournament that aims to excite forecasters and revelers with the impeccable sportsmanship of veterans and up and comers.

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Indian Wells, California

If you spend way too much time on Twitter like I do — it will be apparent that despite the recent historic match between the Williams sisters — that yielded newsworthy results — a lot of pubs — particularly the ones that adhere to the logic of #BlackGirlMagic — didn’t feel the need to spotlight what transpired — and how it will be recorded for future generations.

It’s such a shame that media has been reduced to bus boy duties when it comes to news gathering. There’s so much tossed at us at once — and the attempts to section all the jargon into “Moments” that are supposed to add up to cohesiveness — isn’t helping.

If you follow a bunch of outlets that are somewhat related — you could be unpleasantly besieged by “all-things Karlie Kloss” — simply because of your minimal interest in “Fashion.”

Aside from that — there’s also the pressure to whip up shit that will stand a chance of surviving the explosion of think pieces that have to be formulated from the trending cycle. The washing machine that contains the items that we should be paying attention to — as opposed to the other stuff that gets lodged in the nooks and crannies of gross negligence.

You have to dig hard as fuck to find tweets or articles about the victims of the tragic bomb packages in Austin. You can barely find anything connected to the school shooting of seventeen-year-old Courtlin Arrington — and there isn’t even a hashtag devoted to her memory — which is probably the best thing ever — because those useless habits were meant to die.

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She’s dead

All this to say — that there’s just so much shit to sift through — and it’s impossible to figure out what to grab and what to save for later or never. But — it doesn’t have to be this hard if we’re able to perform our job duties without the distractions of algorithms or the threat of being defeated in the maddening game of clicks and baits.

It’s disarmingly chaotic to keep up with the responsibilities of scheduling a roster of overnight tweets with methodical prowess that hopefully avoids snafus that resemble this unfortunate mishap:

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They ended up deleting it — hours later — but thankfully I managed to snag the screenshot as the glaring evidence of the state-of-affairs of an industry that is stuck in numerical enslavement.

Perhaps — that’s why the battle of the titans — that took place during the BNP Paribas Open — pretty much went unnoticed — except for the part when Serena Williams was accused of engaging in a heated back-and-forth with a reporter who questioned her alleged drug use.

That deserved to be highlighted — and I was among those who did exactly that —but it’s disturbingly weird that hardly nothing was done to celebrate the fact that Venus and Serena once again faced each other on the courts — and Venus ended up defeating her younger sister.

Venus will be thirty-eight soon — and she’s been enjoying an enviable boost to her career with her winning streak that not only sent Serena packing — but also derailed another opponent — Anastasija Sevastova. At this rate she will experience a resurgence to her trajectory that most dreamed would happen — but cautiously avoided banking on.

Another impactful angle to the incredible dynasty of the Williams sister has to be the fact that despite the outright hostility they had to (and continue to) endure throughout their incredible career — a lot of it racially-driven — both women have exhibited a level of resiliency and professionalism that is literally unmatched.

It’s worth noting that according to an essay in The New Yorker — the sisters were adamant about no longer attending the tournaments at Indian Wells after being subjected to racists rants — which their father — Richard Williams happened to overhear while watching the final — back in 2001.

But they’re back! And they demonstrated all the reasons why their legacy will remain intact for the sole purpose of inspiring young Black girls who are already using them as a template to launch their careers in a sport — that is thankfully showcasing an increasing number of players that resemble the most formidable athletes in the world.

Twenty-two-year-old Sachia Vickery credits the Williams sisters for her incredible outing at Indian Wells. Like most girls her age — she grew up wanting to replicate the greatness of her idols — and based on her eye-popping performance — she will undoubtedly enjoy the benefits of a rewarding trajectory — that is already commencing with her latest victory lap.

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Sachia Vickery came to play!

Vickery is a future champion and it has everything to do with what Venus and Serena achieved days ago — and what they’ve flawlessly amassed with past recordings of their stunning display of sheer talent.

Yet — nobody gives a damn.

It’s all about scraping the last remnants of Black Panther — and all the trendier fare that we latch onto — until they buckle and give way to a new set of mind-numbing entries.

Don’t get me wrong — I get the need to keep Black Panther — alive for as long as possible — but we also have to go back to the time when we were able to prioritize and honorably recognize the value in living up to the pledge of our stations.

If we’re in the business of targeting young and impressionable Black women who are always ready to embrace the dopeness of notable Black women who are doing it for themselves and us — then we need to do that.

It’s disheartening to have to explore other pubs who cover sports in order to get the deets on something that qualifies as monumental — and is assigned to two prominent athletes who won’t stop exceeding the highest of expectations.

Venus’ best days are ahead— and Serena’s near-death experience giving birth isn’t preventing her from doing what she does best.

It’s just a matter of time before records are shattered and titles are bequeathed.

If that’s not “Breaking News” — I don’t know what is.

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