Tyrese is right because he takes on the task of being the man who wants to encourage women to embrace their “natural” tendencies.

It’s interesting how Black men insist on calling out Black women who doll themselves up in their preferred accompaniments — but end up marrying women who spend thousands of dollars enhancing their features.

The results of this enhancement is irresistible enough but the truth is that men don’t have the right to give us grooming tips.

Tyrese would never date a dark-skinned woman with a tightly curled coif. And like most high-profile Black men — he married a woman of mixed heritage, which isn’t a crime. It just proves that Black men in the industry have a “type.”

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that fact but lets not pretend that Tyrese is coming from a pure place.

He likes to hear himself speak— and its all shit.

That’s my point.

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