Twitter’s Banishment of Azealia Banks is Absolute Bullshit

Okay. Here’s the thing. I’ve always felt like Azealia Banks was the naughty younger sister I never had.

She’s gorgeous, amazingly talented and expressively passionate about the things that give her reason to be the dynamic bitch that everyone has resolutely assigned her.

By the way, Banks, a Harlem bred rapper who unfortunately is known more for her heated social spats than her cool as shit catalogue of hits and vibrantly futuristic music videos — is only 24.

None of the damning pieces about her ever reference how young she is. They just eagerly rip into her with refreshed glee every time she fucks up — because lets face it — her misfortune translates to traffic numbers and the hope that the ambitious quota of the day will be fulfilled.

But back to Azealia.

Yeah, I dig her. She’s the exuberantly “angry black woman” that the public loves to crucify because she looks and acts the part.

She boasts a wickedly defined tongue. And sometimes it’s entertainingly blissful — one moment in particular has to be the memorable Twitter brawl she shared with Australian export Iggy Azalea who’s real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

Go figure.

Back in 2014 — both their paths crossed (again) and this time it was spectacular because it gave birth to the nickname that will be cherished for all time.

Igloo Australia.

Azealia Banks graciously bequeathed her nemesis a moniker that pretty much sums up what all of us think of that recycled wannabe.

A white girl from the wilds of Australia decides she wants to conquer the world by using X-Men type shit to convert her lips, hips, thighs and ass to fit the build of a female rapper.

She succeeds.

She gets the attention because she is white and damn! She looks good enough to eat. So, the hood rat of all rats — T.I. smacks that ass from obscurity to majority.

All of a sudden she’s a fucking star. A white girl from a farm in the middle of nowhere (because that’s always the requirement) — is dropping beats and verses and leaving black chicks who were born into the game- — in the dust.

Don’t you fucking tell me that she is better than Azealia because if you do — you’re an idiot.

But that’s how the game is played. Player!

But Azealia Banks doesn’t like being fucked with. Nobody does. She feels like damn! I’m here doing my thing. I have the street cred to back up my sheets and I look better than this white bitch from nowhere.

And yet — Iggy Azelea gets the cover of XXL and the honor of being the “freshman rapper”.

How the hell does that happen?

Black thugs and white girls make beautiful music together.

And it’s proof of a systematic failure in our community when we reckon how those vices messed up another diligent rapper — Lil’ Kim.

Azealia will not be shut up or down. She’s a fighter. A magnificently flawed warrior. She gives as good as she gets and its ugly.

But it’s real. If you don’t believe me — check out her interview below.

The point is — that she was totally out of line with the whole Zayn Malik scenario. The tweets were offensive and calculatingly bone-chilling. I was beyond sad for her.

And then all hell broke loose after she misfired with Disney darling Skai Jackson. The 14-year-old Jessie star held her own against her much older foe and according to Twitter — emerged as the victorious one after a lengthy battle.

But nobody won.

Banks’ Twitter account was eventually suspended. The reasons cited hinges on her effortlessly racist rant.


Twitter actually has the ability to discard anyone who misuses its platforms in ways that evoke emotional distress to an unassuming user?

That’s interesting because I’ve been privy to some pretty disgusting interactions between celebs and random users.

Death threats, racially charged insults and straight up gangster type shit is the approved language on Twitter from where I’ve been sitting.

And yet none of those animals have been scalped from the circuit.

When Beyonce emancipated the world with the debut of Lemonade and left us panting for the moment “Becky” would reveal herself — we settled for Rachel Roy.

And all bets were off.

The Beyhive descended and it wasn’t pretty. The muddy balls that were tossed Roy’s way contained the level of vile that can only be decoded by secret agents.

Why are those criminals still given the freedom to tweet another day?

Our future president and status henchman — Donald Trump has made no secret of his disdain for anyone who isn’t an industriously seasoned white person.

Apart from referencing racial and religious groups with the degrading starter of “The” — The Hispanics, The African-Americans, The Muslims — he has been very open about his future plans to derail the admittance of “Mexicans who rape and kill” as well as “Muslims who are virtually terrorists by birth”.

Yet, not only is he allowed to run for the highest office in the land — he is also able to successfully evade the basic requirements of Twitter.

So, where does that leave us?

In the realm of uneven coverage in the brief of crime and punishment.

Azealia Banks was absolutely abominable and deserved to be kicked off a platform that refuses to stand for such vile delivery.

Except the pointed fact that such shitty fare rules that landscape on a consistent basis.

Trolls with no identity curse out users on a daily basis and threaten to do things that I refuse to repeat and yet — their rights remain secure.

Businessmen and politicians are free to brand a group of people as rapists and murderers — and not only get to live tweet their activities but also compete to be the president of a country.

Nah! That’s insanity.

If Twitter wants to prove that they can silence an artist with a big mouth — then that needs to extend across the board.

Azealia Banks was wrong to be a daredevil rogue on the loose but her suspension has me wired and wondering if social media truly gets the art of being social and how that translates when it comes to race and equality.

I’m waiting.

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