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White supremacist are getting paid to train domestic terrorists

Tucker Carlson Should Be Fired For His Bigoted Rant Against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

But that won’t happen…

Fox News is playing a dangerous game. The stakes have gotten higher since Donald Trump greedily accepted the role of Bigot-in-Chief, and proceeded to assume the responsibility of delegating coverage on the notable cable channel that’s disgustingly aligned with his exploitative agendas.

And when things become slightly unrecognizable with the legal hiring practices that distributes offers to detractors, followed by the betrayal of “weekend anchors” who don’t follow the manuscript that demands complete allegiance to a thuggish dictator with egomaniacal tendencies, Trump responds by spending ungodly hours of the night, entertaining those who are paid to copy and paste his shit:

As you can imagine, it goes on and on, but the point is that the President of the United States has been given absolute power to do and say whatever the hell he wants, without the level of decorum that under-paid and over-worked members of the workforce are required to maintain in order to keep dead-end jobs.

We’ve now normalized the crassness of a failed businessman turned reality TV star, who barely helped to manage the real estate empire that his racist father bequeathed him, with the caveat that “the blacks” stay far, far away from the leasing office.

Trump makes being filthily seem so damn irresistible and fun!

And Fox News helps to extend the chaos and mayhem with daily high doses of poisonous injections that are aimed at the veins of ignorant fucks, who are too intimidated by the notion of anything outside the bleeding colors of red, white and blue.

Trump isn’t a well-read man because he believes that he’s too privileged and rich to dive into worlds that don’t revolve around him. He has access to the best, and yet he willingly limits his ability to expand his brainpower, and it’s this damning asset that makes him dangerously “inept.”

An accurate assessment that pulls up when you google that word, and stumble upon the details behind the confirmed exit of the British Ambassador to the US.

The world knows why this country is dying a slow death, and while some are amused by the view of a rapidly sinking former “super power,” there are others who are terrifyingly blown away by the audacity of it.

But Trump’s supporters are euphorically obsessed with their supreme leader, and Fox News is complicit in fueling this horrific climate that is suspending all of us in societal imprisonment with different tiers that are all assimilated into feverish zones.

Back in April, avid Trump cheerleader, and host of the weekly garbage, Justice with Judge Jeanine — Jeanine Pirro — ill-advisedly used her massive platform to further endanger the life of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar; a Somali-born Muslim-American woman, who has been systemically terrorized by the GOP and President Trump because of her controversial disposition, and how her high-visibility represents the core of what White America deems as “anti-American.”

Pirro was suspended instead of fired after she went on a Islamophobic rant, which is the signature move of popular Fox News anchors, who’ve mastered the art of delivering aggressive monologues that are anchored by outright bigotry.

The filthier the better, and nobody does it quite like Pirro, as she readily honed in on the piece of accessory that she knew would rile up the suspicions of her viewers who are dependably easy bait.

It would’ve been perfectly fine if the “head bitch in charge” had regulated her words to a mean-spirited fashion critique, but once she entered forbidden territory by equating Congresswoman Omar’s practice of wearing a hijab to the blueprint of extremism — Sharia law — it became clear that Fox News was officially positioning itself as the top destination for threateningly inflammatory programming.

We all wondered just how bad it could get and now the mystery is solved.

This is the wild, wild west, and the orchestrators are positioned for war. War against anything that’s deemed a direct threat to the sanctity of Whiteness. War against those who dare to speak out for the sake of equality. War against targeted individuals and organizations that reject the force-fed platters of propaganda, that’s fashioned to worship the boorish gangster in the White House.

There’s nothing remotely lawful about how free speech has been weaponized into deadly missiles that won’t stop being fired until the unfathomable occurs.

Tucker Carlson has taken his ordained assignment as Trump’s bullish henchman way too far on numerous occasions, but his latest act of violence against Congresswoman Omar, the most bullied Black woman in the nation, should get him fired — ASAP.

Omar, is righteously hated by White males in positions of authority in the Oval Office and beyond, because of her warrior instincts, and inspirational interpretation of the American Dream. Her devotion to her religion of choice, Islam, coupled with her unapologetic stance when it comes to the combative issue of immigration, makes her the preferred guinea pig for Islamophobes, and those who subscribe to the belief system of White nationalism.

As the 2020 elections appear over the horizon, the alarm bells are ringing with familiarity, as the Trump campaign launches attacks that hit at the heart of what defines a true American, and why the debris contains the lethality of White supremacy, that has ceased to be the finessed password, reserved for the cigar rooms of exclusive establishments.

Now we can get our fix by racing to Fox News, and kicking back with Coronas as our star anchor, bursting with the privilege that he can hardly keep sucked in, dutifully presents the bounty on the head of an innocent, law-abiding Black woman.

He pulverizes her as the unpatriotic threat to our democracy, who wants to use her earned access to Congress as the springboard for questionable motives that will surely uproot the historical tendons of the Anglo Saxon rulebook.

It’s sickening to watch Carlson, rely on the durable script that White supremacists utilize as their prized defense against the population that they are systematically oppressing. It basically calls for the reversal of misfortune, as racists declare themselves victims of the very crime that they vigorously champion on those accused

Tucker Carlson should be fired for what he said when his bullshit show was winding down, and he decided to end it with a bang by slandering a well-respected Congresswoman with false accusations of being a racist.

He also deplorably defaced her stellar track record as a human rights activist, because of her unwillingness to be coerced into the cowardice of silence, even as she’s prepared as the national feast that domestic terrorists on alert for the battle to preserve “White power,” will ravenously devour on command.

Trump swiftly retweeted the reaction of another pathetic White male, who expectedly restored “anti-Semite” as the reasoning behind the criminality of Fox News, and how these unprofessional and renegade “journalists” who are over-stepping boundaries without consequences are heroes of a movement that’s traitorously flourishing.

As long as it’s wrapped in the narratives that excite and empower White Americans — who don’t care about their waning economic status, as long as Black and Brown are barred from the border and shithole countries — it can be accommodated as award-winning reporting.

Trump retweeted this…

Carlson and his gang of bigots are enjoying the approval ratings from Trump and his cabinet of bandits, and the uncouthness of programming that misguidedly labels the societal assault of a Congresswoman, who is presently weathering the very real danger of death threats, courtesy of “soldiers of Trump,” is only going to escalate under the stealth guidance of House Democrats, who are provenly useless beyond comprehension.

The question isn’t how much lower can we go, because the bar no longer exists.

We know the GOP is a haven for racists and that Donald Trump was the man for the job when it came to scrubbing away the Black stains of his more superior predecessor. We know that the race war was never over, and that the prolific Obama years was the undercover scheme that was meant to build the landscape of divisiveness that won’t be rebuilt in our lifetimes.

We know that White supremacists on television are getting paid to train domestic terrorists.

We know that Fox News is the 24/7 campaign headquarters for #Trump2020, and the spokesmen and spokeswomen won’t be derailed from the mission to dominate the media with the ammunition that will continue to vilify the race, sexual orientation, and religion of those who aren’t White enough to fight for the American Dream.

We also know that President Trump wants Ilhan Omar to disappear, and Fox News got that memo the day she entered the illustrious corridors of Congress. But we sadly don’t know how to save her.

Or do we?

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