He’s American.

Trump’s “Racist America” is Having One Hell of a Run, But Is This a Sudden Outbreak?

Republican Steve King is being condemned for his comments about how America has failed to produce enough White babies to counter the babies of color from illegal immigrants — that are currently polluting the Whiteness of America while threatening to dismantle the purity of a culture that is fighting hard to keep up with the changing times.

President Trump was hired to do one thing and one thing only.

To purge the dirt from the Obama administration and restore the glory of White Americans who felt buried underneath the vile of mixed races — and the scary evidence that their precious country was under siege from ethnic groups fucking too much and producing the fruit of their activities at rapid speed.

Trump’s ascension to the throne is breeding a climate that affords hate mongers in the form of older and moderately young White men — the power to publicly display their bigotry in all its disgusting shapes and sizes.

Social media has become the designated battleground as White people who can’t stomach the filth spewing out of the ones that look like them — seem petrified at the thought that anyone could be so bold in their convictions.

It’s almost as if this is a new wave of a virus that is spreading without the consolation of a cure or at least an antidote that will slow down its progression.

America was built on the foundation that designated White people as the authoritative instrument that beats to the assumption that anyone who doesn’t possess the blessing of “the All-American template” can’t be deemed worthy enough to be classified as American.

King put in better terms when he spoke to CNN’s Chris Cuomo and assured the masses that even if you don’t look American — White Americans are still woke enough to invite you to their exclusive get together.

“The different looking American are still Americans.”

Yes, they are “still Americans” but not really American enough to convince bigots that they deserve to be treated with the same dignity and grace as the real Americans.

There has always been the filter of discontent and mistrust against those of us who were born here and yet feel like are days are numbered as we accommodate a dictator who was groomed for our imminent demise.

The Black Lives that are lost in the streets and parks of America don’t seem to send a stark enough message, which is both inconceivable and tragically telling.

The best part of King’s delivery has to be the part where he praises France for retaining its culture by cohesively battling the outside forces that infiltrate Whiteness — with big dicks and pussies that welcome the pleasure, which always results in a population that sets back the primal message of evolution.

“France comes close to having a birthrate that is a replacement rate”.

His observations are on point and I can adamantly declare this because I have been to France and I know what I saw and experienced.

There is no doubt that Trump’s Racist America is on a roll, but this declaration doesn’t come from a place of disbelief. It is really carved from the realization that the race wars have been elevated to new heights and this ride is going to be Fast and Furious.

I would ask that we all buckle up but what if the seat belt snaps and the last thing we see is the vision of ourselves through the mirror of the windscreen before we crash?

The good news is that even though we are terminal — there are options that haven’t been explored yet — so all we have to do is not sit tight and wait but rather accept the shitty news and fight for our lives.

We had the Black president who moved into The White House with his Black family and during his eight-year sentence — they were all abused and battered by citizens big and small.

If you Google Michelle Obama and add the description of a primate next to her name — a shitload of stomach-churning offerings will greet your screen.

Some of them come from empty faces but a lot of them come from politicians that you probably voted for and still hold in high regard.

Like this fellow — Carl Paladino — who made headlines in December 2016 when he answered a question about Michelle Obama with putrid gusto:

“I’d like her to return to being a male and let loose in the outback of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie, the gorilla.”

He also publicly hoped that President Obama would die of mad cow disease.

When he was skewered for his sickening comments, Paladino was only sorry that he had forwarded his answers to the wrong inbox.

So, as you can see — we are past forgiveness and retribution.

No one is going to pay for hating Americans who don’t fit the true definition of such an assignment. This ugly period is only going to get uglier and we have a president who is committed to carrying out the White cleansing of a nation that desperately needs the scrub down.

What does this mean for those of us who are being eradicated?

It means that we have to redefine what we are and who we need to be to fend off the symptoms of an illness that has no cure.

We’ve had lots of practice but the enemy is resilient and hides in the corridors undetected — so they can produce articles in Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar that convince mostly White readers that no matter what happens — they will always be the most beautiful.

It’s time to put your action where your mouth is. I’m in mourning for not living up to that advice and I vow to keep fighting like a motherfucker to keep America Mixed Forever.

Trump’s version is about to get really spicy! Let’s share that recipe with a quickness.



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