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Whitefish, Montana. Picturesque with the arresting beauty that only White people deserve.

Trump’s Administration is Cashing In On Hurricane Maria, With “Whitefish” Exploits

And that’s definitely not how to #MAGA

There’s a lot to be panicked about — and instead of losing my shit by the hour — I’m determined to thoroughly investigate whatever gives me reason to question our worth as Americans.

Almost a year ago — we elected Donald Trump to the privilege of the presidency — which he won fair and square. Okay, no that’s not entirely true. He bulldozed his way onto a stage with keen bravado — and the security of a White man with the luxury of being a complete asshole in a way that royally pays off.

They say “White men can’t jump,” but I say “Black men can’t live.’

All people of color are systematically criminalized regardless of intent or measure of innocence.

When Obama was still our president — and our free time wasn’t hijacked by the frequency of demeaning tweets from official accounts — there was the general understanding that he had to prove his ability to maintain a blemish-free record. No matter how competent and dignified he appeared to be — it was never enough to assuage the insatiable hunger of his detractors — who depleted their morals by striking at the race and personalities of the First Family.

Fast forward to the present, and Americans are being overrun by the wiles of a family business that is expanding rapidly under our watch. You may have the energy to arrange the evidence in threads that tirelessly rehash all the things we’re all acutely aware of — but some of us are more motivated by behind-the-scenes footage.

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Say “Boo!”

When Trump took the oath of office — he was awarded the deal of a lifetime. As a shrewd business man with a reputation for swiftly displacing elderly residents — to accommodate his burgeoning ventures — this native New Yorker has spent his existence catering to his bloated ego — while keeping an eye out for those who share his nasty habits.

Film producer, banker and Secretary of Treasury — Steve Mnuchin has a lot in common with Trump. He’s considerably younger — but aside from that — his background contains references to wealthy institutions like Goldman Sachs — as well as the familial badge of extended trust funds. Mnunchin was placed in his position to guard the dogs of war. His pretty blonde wife — who uses her Instagram page as a testament to government work — is his latest acquisition — but not his last.

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The Treasury isn’t for broke ass bitches!

Trump’s strategic road map will always lead to the money.

Obviously, Trump didn’t compete in the most grueling sport in the universe — with the intentions of actually embodying the descriptions of his office. This was never a guy that gave a damn about the common man or even the integrity of our judicial system. His mission has always been to win at all costs — and so far his plan is working.

He bought the rights to The White House, which he utilizes as the perfect cover. You can’t be a respected criminal and operate out of a tower in the sky that reeks of gold. The best way to schedule a massive takeover — is with the blessing of the idiots you robbed.

Another genius method — is to divert attention directly to your crap breaks — as you reconfigure timelines each time you hit “send”— while authorizing the economic devastation of an already devastated island.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has been waging a war ever since the hurricane hit with so much force — that the death count is still not confirmed — and that most likely won’t ever change.

Imagine it. The fact that thousands of people are not only living in darkness and immense scarcity — but they also haven’t had the pleasure of reuniting with missing relatives.

President Trump with his high-heeled and well-coiffed wife in tow, managed to drop by to dutifully survey the damage. There were periods of random playfulness — as the president delighted himself with a whacky game that involved tossed paper towels and eager hands on the opposite sides.

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This is harder than it looks!

When he was allowed to speak about the tragedy — he proceeded to scold the Puerto Rican government for being negligent — which helped his accusatory remarks about unsettled debts and an infrastructure that is reassuringly too fucked up for timely repair.

Mayor Cruz has steadfastly held her ground — as she battles the crippling habits of organizations that have been bribed to play a role that appears noble, but is really entangled in the bank accounts of wealthy White men — in positions of power — who sleep very soundly with the knowledge of how they’re stripping away the existence of law abiding Americans — who will never receive the assistance they deserve.

Turns out that when Trump promised to Make America Great Again — he really meant that he was going to restore the Whiteness that was discolored for a total of eight years.

He has granted permission to White people who feel the monthly urge to protest the privilege they already acquired at birth. He enjoys Twitter — because its owners enjoy him more — and if you even try to believe that Trump or his henchmen (including Roger Stone) will arrive at a time when they will be penalized for being Americans — then perhaps you deserve him as your president.

Stone’s well-publicized Twitter suspension is the oldest trick in the book.

Puerto Ricans are suffocating under the strain of an event that was out of their control and yet the punishment is bizarrely unjust.

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America doesn’t look so “Great”

Mayor Cruz and President Trump are virtual enemies. She’s being accused of using her position as a political bargaining chip and she’s rightfully shaming him for not doing his goddamn job.

Where’s the lie?

There’s so much chaos surrounding the issues plaguing Puerto Rico and the headlines are starting to feel overwhelmingly familiar. This technique usually leads to an imminent disconnect. Once the trending period ends, most of you will lean back into the regimen of Saturday Night Live vibes — and whatever else pops up — when Moments is refreshed.

Thankfully, I’m not that far gone.

I’m also psyched that I’m not the only one who notices how a company called Whitefish — based in the same hometown of the United States Secretary of the Interior — was weirdly commissioned to oversee the power lines of an island that has been publicly shunned by the administration — as a way to divert attention away from the drilling.

Ryan Zinke — is the Interior Secretary and he hails from Whitefish, Montana — and he swears that Whitefish Energy Holdings — a barely two-year-old firm that until recently registered only two employees — isn’t remotely related to him.

That’s a big fat lie.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) also “distanced itself from the contract” by helping to reiterate the unadvised singular venture of the Puerto Rican government — that clearly signed on the dotted lines with the prayer that the $300 million contract will miraculously speed up efforts to provide Americans the basic amenities we all take for granted.

Zinke, FEMA and the Trump administration are weathering a storm of queries that are being finessed by the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders — who followed protocol by refuting aimless claims — and putting the blame solely on the establishment that is currently being drained of all its resources — courtesy of a agreement that is no different from the one that offered the residents of the Niger Delta — a death sentence.

“The federal government has nothing to do with this contract or the process. This was something solely determined by the Puerto Rican government.”

As always Mayor Cruz uses her station at Ground Zero to her advantage. She’s expertly exposing the bribery and corruption that is stifling Puerto Rico’s chances of a decent recovery. She had a Twitter war with the official account of Whitefish Energy Holdings — and as the missiles were fired — the company that was commissioned to drain what’s left of a dying territory — threatened to abandon ship if the Mayor doesn’t STFU.

And then this happened:

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A threat?!

We are really in trouble if we refuse to grasp the immensity of these times. Whitefish is exploiting the lives of innocent Americans — under the directive of the Commander-In-Chief who helped draft the protection clause that guarantees the efficient delivery of another project that took thousands of souls to successfully implement.

Ryan Zinke just got paid in full!

The sophistication of a righteous robbery under the noses of those who think they’re “woke” when they’re honestly fast asleep is a widespread religion that has at least three more years of dominance.

When they tell us that the military in Niger is positioned for the interest of the United States and the improvised natives who need our expertise —we need to dissect how it all adds up to our shaky predicament — as we try to ignore the bills that keep piling up.

Being an American is an abusive state that is invisible when you’re a White supremacist with marching orders. When you’re not White — being American is a slideshow of horror movies with interludes of White women who win the vote for “most pained” when crimes of the elite take center stage.

The island of Puerto Rico isn’t some desolate wasteland that was given its walking papers a month ago — but still refuses to take a hint.

Our White male president is just being naturally White — and this historically requires a level of callousness that can’t be reasonably justified.

The saga of the mysterious company with a shitload of dough and the backing of executives who only take orders from the president — will not be halted until Mayor Cruz has exhausted her search for answers.

In the meantime, we’re all huddled in our neck of the woods — clicking with all our might as we conform to the spirit of being bamboozled for the wrecking price of our individual thought process.

At the end of the day “Whitefish” is the code of conduct that permits “pussy grabbing” sessions and the exploitation of Puerto Ricans who are paying back with urgency — and without receipts.

That’s definitely not the proper way to #MAGA. Wouldn’t you agree?


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