Trump Won The Presidency, But He Lost America

And that’s great news

Donald Trump has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. The so-called peaceful transition of power has essentially taken place and for those of us who despise our new Commander-in-Chief — this new reality is almost too much to bear.

When Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America — the country was ripe with expectation after a dizzying era that was polluted with an inept administration, ceaseless mayhem both at home and abroad, and the exhausting state of immobility.

We weren’t divided — just woefully uninspired and mentally lethargic.

If history has taught us anything — it’s that heroes aren’t grown overnight. It’s a process that is dutifully laborious — almost like when a well-baked pie is lathered with carefully cropped ingredients.

Obama had been cooking for awhile — and when he was ready to be served — it was a dish that fed millions in biblical portions.

The last morsel was swallowed the morning he and our First Lady welcomed their successors as they summoned all their might to respect a moment they didn’t deserve to endure.

Trump, may have won the presidency, but he lost America, and that’s awesome news!

Here’s the thing, this isn’t the best time to be proud of a country that elected a racist, fascist, petulant bully. A wealthy bigot who was assigned privilege and chooses to use it as a way to bulldoze those of us who aren’t in the same income bracket. A man who proudly parades his disdain for marginalized groups — that represent the “untraditional” aspects of America. A coward who would rather accept a job that he knows he can’t handle — all for the glory of satisfying the lust for misplaced power and adulation.

This isn’t a civil servant or a man of the people. This isn’t an upstanding citizen of the world who is determined to continue the supreme guidelines set forth by the ones — who tirelessly erected the building blocks of a foundation that was in serious need of restoration.

Trump is the Antichrist in its sincerest form.

He thrives off of the hate-filled climate and he has absolutely no desire or motivation to assuage the growing fears and anxiety that have penetrated the seeds of this great nation.

He is quick to anger, slow to reasonable negotiation and swift with his venom-laced tweets that scarily reveal the sunken soul of a loose canon that can potentially explode on impact — and tragically alter our lives for the worst.

Yes, we are in a crisis and no, God did not bestow us with Donald Trump — we did.

But, we can override the crippling symptoms of this cancer by working on a cure. Unlike most terminal diseases — we have the advantage of time and the residue from a miracle worker who left us with the codes that can be formulated to reverse a dreadful diagnosis.

The suffering will feel like an eternity but recovery mode will be initiated by our commitment to the challenge of rediscovering what we’ve lost through the gain of what we will amass once the shock of this moment wears off.

Marching in the streets in solidarity and protesting the ugliness of our existence are valid actions but the backend needs just as much vigor and precision.

America is lost — and it’s up to us to retrieve it from the grips of a madman and his henchmen who were appointed for the sole purpose of rewarding us with the promise that this natural disaster will never repeat itself.

So, lets get to work.



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