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Trump Is Turning The Elections Into a Race War

The question is how bloody will things get?

It’s hard to imagine that before 2020 ends, there will be the daunting task of accommodating a high-stakes presidential election in November that we can’t afford to fuck up in the same way that 2016 manifested.

We knew the Trump years would be the shit show that it turned out to be, but we probably underestimated the magnitude of utter mayhem and chaos, and how the tools of our engagement would play a vital role in enhancing the bigoted messaging of our Racist-in-Chief.

Despite the harmful and hate-filled rhetoric of Donald Trump’s campaign, that featured the rally cry centering around vilifying Mexicans, Black and Brown immigrants, Muslim-Americans and now Asian Americans with endorsed labels like “Kung Flu; there’s still the inexplicable gasp of disbelief that erupts whenever our national terrorizer consistently stays on brand.

Trump clearly picked a side even before his unsightly descent down the staircase back when the announcement of his presidential run was greeted with amusement and mockery.

His campaign had the laser focus of winning over the deplorables of white America, who felt victimized by the unbearable presence of the first-ever Black president, who was willfully blocked by the GOP during his two terms, in his failed attempts to demonstrate the benefits of being in the prime position to pass legislation that would uplift his neglected community.

Trump’s anointed ascension, which has been shamelessly romanticized by white evangelicals, who are convinced that their supreme leader was chosen by God to erase the horrors of the Obama years, was orchestrated by the privilege and deviousness of whiteness, and how it dictates the supremacy that historically thrives at the expense of expendable populations.

Fast forward to the present, and we are engaged in a full blown battle for our lives, as we contend with the immensity of emotions stemming from the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of systemic racism, that has flourished under the supervision of compromised institutions, recognizing how the law was built to terrorize Black lives.

There’s also the ongoing race war that has gotten more and more violent, due to the normalized orneriness of the incompetent oaf who has defaced The White House beyond repair.

Twitter’s embattled CEO, Jack Dorsey worked so hard to avoid burdening himself with the responsibility of holding Trump accountable for his threatening and unlawful engagement on a platform that was rolled out with the capacity for hosting and celebrating our worst attributes.

Former presidential candidate and Joe Biden’s potential running mate, Kamala Harris, previously called out Twitter for its gross negligence when it comes to enabling Trump’s hostility, which ordinarily wouldn’t wouldn’t be tolerated, and would result in the suspension of accounts that break rules and policies.

Months later, after the growing uproar over Trump’s troubling track record of unchecked violations became too loud to ignore, Twitter decided to implement the fact-checking method that would flag any tweet that contained misleading information or offensive content that goes against the regulations of the platform.

In the weeks since this new rule was formalized, Trump has been repeatedly penalized almost on a daily basis, and while the notion of being publicly reprimanded infuriates him, the recent update that was meant to curb his disgusting habit of maximizing his massive power to intimidate and demean detractors hasn’t done much to dissuade those tendencies.

His all-consuming quest is immersed in the thrill of demonizing the Black Lives Matter movement, and questions the motives of protesters across the country, who trooped out to condemn the deadliness of police brutality with demands for the demolishment of law enforcement in an effort to rebuild what’s irretrievably broken.

But you can’t expect change when the source of our nationalized dysfunction remains untouched. Hence, the need to forcibly remove the symbols of oppression that were erected to serve as evidence of why inequality was constructed to prevent Black lives from the privilege of basic human decency.

And so, with the controversy over the warranted destruction of statues that represent revered white men who are famous for their adherence to white supremacy, Trump has become obsessed with wielding his authority to protect the interests of his ignorant base by inexcusably endangering the lives of those who dare to fight against injustice.

The President of the United States has littered his feed with identical versions of the tweet below, that calls for the swift arrest of the criminals, who are not guilty of the heinous crimes that besties like Paul Manafort, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, etc, dutifully carried out with the blessing of their mafia boss.

No, the slew of innocent Americans who are simply acting out their first amendment rights have become the convenient target of a bullish man-baby, who believes he’s the only one who has the freedom to rebel against whatever he deems an obstacle to his nefarious agenda.

It’s beyond unfathomable that the “Commander-in-Chief” who is just a button away from inciting the end of the world, is permitted to create a draconian existence that feeds the detrimental impulses, that threaten the lives of tax-paying citizens, who aren’t able to defend themselves from the acute dangers of a combative presidency.

Not surprisingly, reporting those tweets that surely break the rules and policies hasn’t delivered the desired outcome.

But the recent retweet showcasing a bunch of old white folks in a retirement community in Florida called The Villages, proved to be the contender for immediate removal due to one of the oldies affirmatively yelling “white power!” to the protesters interrupting his joy.

This isn’t the first time Trump has retweeted overtly racist material, especially when you consider the source of most of it, and how he’s alignment with far-right groups who are drunk on conspiracy theories is vastly documented on his feed.

And as always, the assigned mouthpieces of this toxic administration are on standby to defend the indefensible as if their very lives depend on it.

The narrative created by current press secretary Kayleigh McEnany establishes the laughable argument that was debuted by John Bolton on CNN, while chatting with Jake Tapper on his Sunday show, where the former soldier for Trump insinuated that his former boss hastily reposted the vile video without hearing the incriminating phrase.

McEnany enforces this farce and takes it a step further by humanizing Trump’s urgent need to cheer on his weary, white racist cheerleaders, who are being relentlessly harassed on his behalf, for their steadfast loyalty to a fellow bigot, who is determined to “Make America White Again,” at all costs.

Regardless of how Trump’s over-worked and over-paid handlers choose to spin his blatant inappropriateness, the damning messaging never gets buried.

The fact that Trump plans to turn this election season into a bloody race war isn’t in dispute. The question is how bloody will it get?

What will be the exact number of mass casualties cursed by the birthright of accommodating the never-ending climate of systemic terrorism?

White Americans who profess their allyship continue to feign shock and wonder whenever Trump illustrates the traits that got him elected. And Black America continues to suffer through the diseased symptoms of white supremacy with dire expectations of how much worse things will get in the months to come.

Donald Trump was hired to save White America from populations that don’t represent the values of #MAGA, and he will not back down when it comes to fighting and winning the war that reinforces the statutes of white power.

If you’re not terrified of what the 2020 elections will entail, maybe you’re not paying attention. Or maybe you can afford not to.

Either way, the very definition of what it means to be an “American” will be redefined with or without your input.

The race is on, and all races will be at stake.

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