Trump Is Able To Bully America Because He’s a White Man

The rambling circus that came into town the day Donald J. Trump was hailed as the GOP’s chosen candidate to take down Hillary Clinton is still twirling out tricks that continue to stun entertained viewers both at home and abroad.

There is a large population of observers, myself included, who are neither stunned nor entertained.

Our dispiritedness is enhanced by the acute grievances that we hold against a country that was historically founded on the principles of White supremacy, and how that bitter truth continues to dictate the statutes of a fractured government, that is buckling under the strain of gross mismanagement.

This theatrical virus is being accommodated and finessed by cowardly White men, and the lethality of White feminism, a trifling combination that propels the unyielding protection of an unruly imbecile at all costs.

Consider if you will, the unfathomable scenario that features the first-ever Black president, Barack Obama, exhibiting the exact same erratic behavioral traits as the current Commander-in-Chief.

Even in your wildest dreams, could you possibly envision Republicans enduring Obama’s relentless rants on Twitter, targeting not just government officials on his home turf, but also dangerously questioning and mocking the character and overall governance of world leaders?

Would it have been acceptable for the overtly reckless Black president to suffer a major breakdown merely hours before Christmas Day, after back-and-forth negotiations that seemed to signal the long-awaited compromise, until his ego was stricken by insults from idiotic TV commentators — compelling the end result of a government shutdown that would last for almost a month?

Can you honestly conclude that the disruptiveness of those tense weeks of non-operation that put the livelihood of American workers in jeopardy, would’ve been publicly applauded by robotic Democrats, in the same manner that Republicans croon the praises of their unsightly leader’s gross negligence and abhorrent allegiance to his self-interests above all else?

We could spend an eternity making those blatant comparisons between the Black president who could, and the White president who simply can’t live up to the basic requirements of his station, even if his pathetic life depended on it — but that would be a complete waste of our time.

America’s greatest defeat is unfolding before our very eyes, and the source of the infection is being ignored, which naturally allows for the buildup of diseased fluids that if left to fester, will eventually transform into the site of societal leprosy, that won’t be cured.

We are pretty much there already, and in some ways, the timely ascension of a self-professed White nationalist into the seat of absolute power was the worthy catalyst for America’s epic fall from the throne of “world police” to the griminess of criminality, as it pertains to domestic affairs and how the polluted characteristics of White nationalism rapidly evolves into a global contagion.

It’s no wonder that places like Britain, France, Australia, etc, are experiencing similar symptoms of disorderly entanglement within the once-stabilized epicenters of functionality.

And with the latest chaotic season on display that showcases an ill-mannered renegade, who is self-imploding, due to the numerous and quite serious investigations around his nefarious business dealings, and how the demands for relevant documentation to assist in his carefully implemented downfall is pushing him to the brink of hysteria — we are now witnessing another reminder of how Whiteness is fiercely guarded with shameless adherence.

Media outlets are working overtime to deliver the breaking news of the president’s dramatic decision to halt his working relationship with Democratic leaders and Congress, until the intense probing into his taxes and financial records have been concluded.

This basically means that as always, it’s the vulnerable Americans who will suffer the consequences of not benefitting from the pending items on the desk of an impossible tyrant, who is perfectly wealthy enough to maximize his White privilege to serve his selfish pursuits.

The infrastructure bill will have to wait, as well as the rounding up of the federal budget for the remainder of the year, plus the uncertainty of the imposed tariffs and proposed trade deals that are dangling in the air.

How is it remotely possible that the president can effortless weaponize his profoundly influential position without restraint or the drastic measures it takes to rescue the state of our union from crippling disarray, that threatens to dislocate the pillars of systemic coherency that are presently rotting away from the poison of a thuggish administration.

It’s happening without issue because Trump is a White man who is able to bully America into a celebrated shitfest, based on the viability of his supremacy, and how that valued currency is able to tolerate what can’t be replicated by a non-White version in The White House.

Trump’s ill-advised July 4th extravaganza at the National Mall in D.C. is another prime example of how the office of the presidency has been vilely misrepresented and cunningly manipulated to suit the needs of a nationalized villain, who is being permitted to stage an unlawful rally on a national holiday, that will otherwise be known as “Trump Day,” at the expense of taxpaying citizens, who can’t afford to pay for something they never asked for — or even want.

It’s abundantly clear that being a White male in America translates into the freedom of avoiding the judicial treatment of accountability, that somehow provides infinite opportunities to keep the streak of misbehavior and criminal activities in full view of the public — legally activated.

We’ve just been dealt the heavy blow of the recent release of a convicted domestic terrorist, a White male named John Walker Lindh, who was given a 20-year sentence back in 2002, after he was found guilty of collaborating with the Taliban, the same Islamist militant group that provided protection for al-Qaeda while the blueprint for the 9/11 attacks was being drafted.

Lindh, who was born into a wealthy all-American dynasty in California was 20-years-old when he was captured, and the controversy around his traitorous offense was glamorized by the media, as the photos of the “American Taliban” revealed a disoriented young White man who “seemingly turned against his country and joined the side of terrorists.”

See how that works?

It was concluded that there was more to this unusual story, and this helped to humanize this horrifying tale of American treacherousness, that would’ve taken a drastically different detour, if John Walker Lindh had been an American-born Muslim male with Somalian heritage, who happened to be led astray by extremists in the same manner that overtook this White counterpart.

The controversial freedom afforded the “American Taliban” has been treated with methodical reception by the media-at-large, with loud silence emanating from Trump, who is predictably unmotivated when it comes to raising hell over the notion that a rebellious traitor who betrayed his country in the most dishonorable fashion with strong ties to the horrific events of 9/11 — has been granted his full rights, despite the likelihood that he still harbors extremist tendencies.

Lindh, is a White man who has the benefit of never having to fully pay the consequences of his actions, regardless of the severity of the crime.

Trump is a White man, who has the benefit of never having to curtail his bigoted messaging or bullish behavior because of how America refuses to address the open wounds that are bleeding out from the practiced rhetoric of White supremacy.

This established mode of worship is mandated by White men in positions of power, who are brutish soldiers on the battlefield of regulated chaos.

Until there’s a revolt against the oppression of our discontent, Whiteness will continue to be the symbol of what happens when a gangster moves into The White House and turns it into a gold-splattered sewage of totalitarianism.

America was never better than this, and now we know why.

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