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Tomi Lahren Is a Name To Forget, But, White Women With Cutey Complexes Deserve to Be Heard

So, I won’t even bother to give you the background to this latest media sensation because I assume you know enough about Tomi Lahren. Hopefully you know way more than I do. I hate myself for even attempting to expose what a farce she is but as a writer and activist — it’s simply something that I must do.

Silly! Of course he didn’t win.

She won! She was given a platform to advance her propaganda in a forum that until then was deemed as respectable. Now we know better. She was able to expertly shrug off her shiny blonde locks whenever they got in the way of being able to move her lips — in a vocal tirade against institutions that were erected to protect the dignity and rights of marginalized people that continue to be oppressed by White America — daily.

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