Today I learned That People Lie All The Time

And their reasons are hardly ever justified

That what appears to be the worst luck ever is the platform to launch the best thing ever

That the people who deserve the best hardly get it

That being happy in the moment can lead to better days

That allowing negativity to win is a lazy habit most never want to break

That stepping out of your routine can expand your mind beyond reason

That racism in America is a sport that white people play because it’s free and they never lose

That when I snack during the day and have a light dinner — I sleep better

That there are fundamentally good people who expect nothing in return because they are built that way

That there are people who are naturally bad because they can’t help it

That when you go out of your way to recognize humanity and contribute accordingly — you will be a lovelier person

That the weather doesn’t affect your mood — you do

That nothing stays the same — not even the good stuff

That not believing in anything is the worst way to exist and not worth the desolation

That you can’t make someone love you — even the person who is supposed to by law or by blood

That loving yourself is better than Botox — you automatically feel and look younger

That music is a lifesaver

That alcohol is a traitor

That sex is a healthy indulgence

That cooking makes you more creative

That driving is a mental enhancer

That Reality Shows can elevate or deflate

That selfies are only necessary if you’re unsure of who you are

That I know who I am and I like her

That I know I may hate myself tomorrow

But when I read this

I will remember.

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