This breaks my heart because I totally get what you’re going through to some extent.

When I turned forty — I thought I would have the chance to embrace it fully and not be discouraged by the fact that some of my hopes and dreams hadn’t materialized.

When the gray came and my hormones transformed me into a raging lunatic — I was stunned and disappointed that I had been designated for the cliche version of myself.

I am not equating my story with yours by any means — but I can relate on some level on the fear of being introduced to someone you don’t recognize at a relatively young age.

Turning forty was the worst thing ever for me. It wasn’t empowering or inspirational. It was like signing up for something that you wanted to return for a full refund.

I am getting myself back slowly — but it hasn’t been easy. I have lost friends along the way and my relationship with family members is dicey at best.

I just couldn’t be around anyone. I needed distance.

I had to put myself first and relearn how to love the person who deserves to be loved. We all need that. So, do you.

It’s a process but I am convinced that you are on your way. And being pretty is relative. I think you are a lot more gorgeous than you think but looks pale in comparison to a healthy disposition.

You have a lot of living to do — so, don’t waste any minute of the life ahead of you.

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!