The World is Ending and Everybody Wants to Talk About Donald Trump

The soul of journalism died today. Actually it died awhile ago but there was a chance of resurrection.

Not happening.

Late Friday — it was confirmed that boxing champ, civil rights activist and the greatest athlete of all time — Muhammed Ali who was christened Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. — was in grave condition due to respiratory issues that are being heightened by his pre-existing battle with Parkinson’s disease.

This sounds like a news bulletin worth exploring. Extensively.

This definitely qualifies as a Stop the Presses! moment.

The most recognizable and celebrated man in the universe who spent his life fighting for equality and the good of mankind might be preparing to exit this earth.

But according to the new media — that pales in comparison to Donald Trump. A rabid imbecile with too much money and very little time to become a decent human being.

He called a black person — ”My African-American” and the internet went bonkers.

Like bat shit crazy.

It was as if his words had caused an outbreak of immense proportions that could irreversibly alter the landscape of our senses.

Welcome to 2016.

In 1996 and even 2006 — the mere thought that The Greatest that ever was who defiantly and gloriously referred to himself as “The King of the World” — could allegedly be on his death bed — would've cause a stir that would rival past breaking news of this magnitude.

But, alas here we are.

The devil with the yellow hair and haughty tongue with a fiery disposition even a dragon can’t match managed to overtake — Muhammed Ali.

Donald Trump knocked out The Champ.

When I heard about the unthinkable — I immediately fought back tears as I recalled my parents shouting with glee at our black and white TV.

I knew he was what Aloe Blacc refers to as The Man.

I could feel that this was someone who was born to rattle the earth with every blow that was enforced from limbs to mouth.

The Greatest.

If tragedy manifests — the outlets that downplayed him will fight for the glory of exalting their name through his.

Epic fail. I see you. Y’all are a damn lie.

The man of our history was historically fucked with and I promise that I will never forget it.

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