The #Winning and #Goals Culture Has Made Your View Blurry

And that’s how you like it

As much as I enjoy scrolling past Instagram feeds bloated with desperate users — lacing their images with numerous hasthtags — aimed at proving how and why they look so good — posing with the #winning backdrop — while living their #bestlives — that ultimately inspires #goal vibes — I still wonder how much better off we would be if #ballerbabies wasn’t a thing.

If we think we’re bad — then things are about to get lit real quick.

Venus Williams, the very talented older sister of Serena Williams played and lost at #Wimbledon2017. In fact she literally just got beat by the new champ — twenty-three-year-old Garbine Muguruza. Don’t you just love it when sudden notables sport names that people will be forced to learn how to correctly pronounce — immediately?

Anyway, I’m bringing up Venus again because she’s been on my mind lately. And I’m quite pissed that my continued interest seems to be something that very few people share. The past couple of days challenged me to try to understand why specific publications — geared towards Black women — outright refused to even mention the fact that Venus was once again on the world stage — playing for her life in what was supposed to be a historical win.

Obviously she didn’t beat her competitor and ended up falling short of her #goal — but that absolutely doesn’t alter the fact that she is still #winning and always will.

Then it hit me. It happened right after Venus lost. I suddenly understood the deafening silence and why most of you opted to ignore rather than highlight her moment in the sun.

It’s because of how we’re programmed and the different ways in which we receive and process information.

You’re all about the trends and making sure that tweets and posts are in sync with what garners likes and rows of red hearts. You only respond to blue verified badges and absorb whatever is released from its holders. I tend not to give a shit. I mean I do sometimes, but that’s only when I have stuff to say that really matters. I don’t study the field like a marksman — ready to attack with ammunition that isn’t quite genuine, but hits the mark.

Your idea of #winning is being able to rise above without dipping low enough for anyone to notice. My version of #winning illustrates how rising above requires lots of dipping moments(in full view) because that’s the main characteristic of someone who isn’t a #quitter. It also proves why the #win doesn’t always have to resemble what you’ve been programmed to believe.

Your view is blurry, which is exactly the way you like it. You prefer to see things through the haziness of familiar names, places, actions, and whatever the newest hashtags or viral instances render. You’ve become incapable of forming your own opinion — and you sure as hell don’t bother to gather the information needed to share your own opinion. You would rather scroll through the maddening heds and pick the battles of your timeline based on the mood of followers who have way more followers than you.

My vision does get blurry from time to time, but for the most part — I can see pretty clearly. I see why I’m not easily swayed from my convictions and why my old-school mentality serves me well. I see why most don’t deem it necessary to excel at their jobs. They know you don’t read the shabby articles they assign, so they feed you misleading headlines or even worse — they decide not to run a story that’s worth the attention because the name attached isn’t “Serena.”

It’s a shame that our cultural landscape is #losing at this game. And that’s specifically why Venus and the story behind her enduring allegiance to #winning at all costs should be the one trending, but it’s not.

It’s a bloody shame that Black publications that can’t get enough of #BlackGirlMagic or any of the other things that make being a Black woman — #dope or #melaninworthy — flat out refused to uplift and celebrate a Black woman — who more than deserves recognition for overcoming insurmountable odds to emerge a true American hero in the face of public defeat.

It’s outrageously insane that we are capable of praising the pursuits of tiny tots with celebrity parents — as they dominate page views — completely unaware of their #baller status, but still enjoying huge numbers — until they grow out of being #cute and become #Kylie.

It’s beyond creepy that real-life couples document unreal situations and post them as if it’s their reel for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to define the #awesomeness of #twinflame acting out why #sundaysareforlovers and how we have to get our #relationshipgoals in gear so we can try and catch up to the glitzy #baecations on our pages.

Yah, I know, not sure what I just said either, but you get the picture. And no, I’m not jealous. I’m just fucking weirded out by what you’ve become and watching it happen is a #buzzkill.

For what it’s worth I’m grateful and proud that my definition of #winning is radically different than yours. After all, someone’s got to be the sober one — I guess that will be me.

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