The Ups and Downs Don’t Need to be Defined

Life isn’t meant to be a parade filled with platters of desserts and balloons with the symbols of your heart’s desires forcefully imprinted.

It’s a mind fucking game that won’t quit until your last breath evacuates on command.

Yes — drummed up pieces of confectionary that aim to diffuse moments like the one I am currently inhabiting — provide necessary commentary.

And, of course the reassurance that I’m never alone in my plight is somewhat confronting.

I have life gurus coming out of my ass these days — as former class mates and connections made on a whim attempt to remind me that I am responsible for where I am.

And if I don’t — where I end up is my own damn fault.

Fuck that.

What we go through in life is part of the process that entitles us to be above ground as opposed to under it.

How could we imagine that with God or without God — we could exist without the guidance of Allah? Or even Buddha?

How could we conceive that life could go on without us paying our dues?

We owe it to ourselves to relish the challenges that convince us that being born wasn’t a mistake.

That we can manage the good, the bad and the horrid.

Some of us are born into splendor — while a few are delivered with the aid of a garbage can.

You may have been lucky enough to escape the hammerings of a dick in unwanted places while I may not have been so lucky.

The point is that the consequences of being cast out into the light — is that life will happen in ways that won’t involve your input.

It’s really that simple.

Your will to live is your currency against the waves that threaten to knock you under.

Nothing can define that.

Not even six-hundred dollars for a life kit you will never use — because your doting expert will be too busy using it to pursue your agenda.

Choose life. And you will live.

It’s not that easy — but nothing should be.

And nothing should cost that much to fix.

Just. Breathe…

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