The Trump Administration is Guilty of Murder in the Case of Transgender Rights

The news was swift but not necessarily surprising. The Trump administration is fueled by a bloated ogre who cares more about the thickness of his locks and whether or not Fake News is eroding his popularity than the safety and comfort of the citizens that he swore to protect.

What the poor misguided bastards, in the rural areas of America who supposedly surrendered their livelihoods to a man that can’t fathom their reality fail to understand — is that you can’t expect someone who railroads the meek and poor for the sake of a golden-plated skyscraper — to delegate the blueprint of your survival.

Trump supporters are pissed. They possess a level of frustration that seeps through the tweets that conform to what they believe to be true. Obama was the antichrist and Trump is Christ’s immaculate return. No matter how shitty things get — there is the belief that it has all been ordained.

We were meant to have a fuck up as President.

And even as those who put us in this nightmare hide under covers and wonder how they will continue to navigate the consequences of their actions — especially now that they are unable to use the restroom of their choice — the natural defiance that dictates every turn is a crippling force that makes being American so very Un-American.

As I write this — Transgender Americans young and old have just been cast in the worst role of their lives. They have been reduced to shit at the hands of President Trump and his bigoted henchmen who couldn’t wait for the opportunity to do God’s will.

God only loves those who are pure. He doesn’t recognize the section of mankind that weren’t born to recite the Lord’s Prayer or who have vivid expectations of what they deserve to be because they happened to be born under a different umbrella.

Life can be a simple task of greeting the day and allowing the sunlight to guide your footsteps through the elaborately manicured golfcourse and into the castle of your privilege.

But, that existence comes crashing down when someone close to you forces your heart to expand in ways that challenge your elite stubbornness.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney had to contend with the fact that his youngest daughter — Mary Cheney was an openly gay woman despite his conservative views.

I can almost bet on anything that one of Donald Trump’s grand kids will produce a revelation in his lifetime that won’t be easily buried beneath the sands of his next sprawling resort.

If young boys and girls who want to be girls and boys at any cost because they need to be can’t perform the basic task of easing themselves without holding their breath or praying to the Gods you serve for protection — then we as Americans need to find something other than religion to endorse the callousness of such an act.

The Trump administration is guilty of murder in the case of transgender rights.

There will be hell to pay for this latest atrocity. Lives will be lost and their demise will only add to the pool of blood that is converging in recognition of what it now means to be American.

We will not stand for this madness or this epidemic of hate that is funneled by a breach of conduct that allows for such stupidity that can’t be calculated due to the increased realization that this moment has been carried over for reasons that won’t be clear until later.

All we can do is hang on and believe that we shall overcome.

If you are on the side of those who are currently being pummeled for their right to exist without filters or judgment — rest assured that you’ve chose wisely. Your hands are clean from the splatter that occurs when bodies are shoved off the buildings — erected with careful precision and the guiding light of a generation that refused to die until the hand they held matched their freed disposition.

The assholes will pay for this and it won’t be a taxed obligation. It will be life calling just when things seem great — again.

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