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The Racist White Priest

The Tale of The Funeral, Black Mourners, and The Racist White Priest

Hint: It doesn’t end well

The story begins at a funeral service for a beloved family member, in the church where she was baptized. The late Agnes Hicks was about to be honored by her loved ones at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Charlotte Hall, Maryland, and things were going as planned, until the White priest by the name of Rev. Michael Briese literally lost his fucking mind.

Saying the final goodbye to someone you’ve loved all your life is a process that we all have to endure — and whether it’s an abrupt departure or an expected loss after a terminal illness — the pain engulfs you with a force that is sometimes too primal to put into words.

So, imagine the grief-stricken state of the mourners who were hoping to give Agnes Hicks the sendoff she deserved being callously derailed by the sting of racism that evidently dwells supremely in the house of God.

Shit hit the fan after one of the mourners mistakenly knocked over what is described as “the church’s sacred chalice.”

The racist priest lost his shit over the demise of a replaceable item and proceeded to kick the group of mourners out of the church.

The daughter of Agnes Hicks describes the disgustingly chaotic scene:

“[Briese] literally got on the mic and said, ‘there will be no funeral, there will be no mass, no repass, everyone get the hell out of my church.’’

You might say that Rev. Briese succumbed to the symptoms that hit when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Maybe he would’ve been just as ungodly if the deceased woman and her family were White.

That could’ve been a valid point if only he hadn’t added this to his monologue:

“Get this thing out of my church.”

Yeah, that sounds like a racially-charged attack.

White people have a penchant for animals and things, and God help you if you threaten or destroy the items that they value more than human beings who happen to be Black.

The joke is that White people will risk life and limb to lead a dog to safety, but a Black man could be bleeding to the death on the street and instead of assistance — there would be gawkers with iPhones uploading the bloody mess.

When we say White people are inherently racist — the argument is that not all White people harbor this often times deadly trait, because it’s unfair to generalize. But — there is truth in the fact that certain instances bring out the evidence of why we are now saddled with a president who publicly endorses the character of White supremacists.

When the racist priest referred to Agnes Hicks as “this thing” — that’s the ultimate disrespect to the soul of a woman who just wanted to be feted in the church where she found God — before embarking on the final journey home.

Unfortunately, her wish wasn’t granted because a White man was so devastated about a minor accident that happened in the church he didn’t build — and became the devil incarnate as he blasphemously spewed out hell fire from his mouth, and left what was supposed to be a beautiful farewell service — unrecognizably charred.

The family of Agnes Hicks had to immediately find another venue that would accept them, and they promptly removed “the thing” from the sight of the racist priest.

The police was called to intervene, and remarkably sided with the grief-stricken family, and even offered to escort them to a nearby funeral home — that agreed to host the Black mourners and the woman who even in death — couldn’t escape the venom of America’s longstanding tradition.

A statement of apology has been published by the racist priest who isn’t sorry for what he said or did, and is only responding out of pressure to save his sorry ass career, as the disgraceful representative of a religion that is truly dying a slow death.

I read the pathetic attempt to Whitewash his deplorable actions and this excerpt was the one that caught my attention:

Like all human beings, I, too, am broken in nature, make mistakes and, yes, I fail. My life has been, is now, and prayerfully will always be, a life in which my daily words and deeds exemplify the Gospel message. My most recent actions do not reflect who I am as a priest.

First off — it’s interesting and not at all surprising that when White people are guilty of shit — the first thing they do is use their humanness as their defense.

When a young White teenager from a wealthy family gets drunk and decides to drive and the worst happens — he gets to be released into society after barely serving time. Oh — and did I mention that he also tried to escape the law with his mother by leaving the country?

The second part of the excerpt that’s infuriating is the admission that the racist White priest didn’t act the part of a compassionate man of God, and his hope is that his recent tango with the devil won’t prevent him from continuing his quest to live by “the Gospel message.”

What a load of shit!

Dear White people, when you curse out a Black family in church — during a funeral service — and also refer to the dearly departed as “this thing” — you are racist and vile. No amount of prayers can save you and instead of hiding under the privilege of vulnerability, and the promise to do better in the eyes of God — the only thing to do is boldly own your bigotry.

The racist priest had a lot to say about how his sickening actions shamed his station as a priest, and he even went into detail about his past good deeds while repeatedly emphasizing his commitment and “deep desire to serve others,” and the “heartfelt desire to serve our Lord.”

He cowardly avoids to confess the sins of the instinctual tendencies that propel his prejudice, and how he used the “the sight of the damaged sacred chalice” as the excuse to do what he wanted to do in the first damn place.

“The accident made my frustration boil over.”

And so you decide to punish the Black people in your midst, by cursing out and dishonoring the dead and the living — while disabling a righteous ceremony that was supposed to provide healing and comfort to the bereaved.

Truth be told — it’s mighty hard to imagine a horror show like this one — playing out with a Black priest who is charged with helping a White family with the ceremony that’s supposed to honor their loved one. It seems that racism is an embedded trait that gives White people the audacity to perform the unfathomable without having to claim ownership.

This appalling tale is a prime example of why White people continue to struggle with the validity of their privilege. They think that White privilege is limited to wealth and status — and fail to comprehend the vastness of this disposition and how it appears in every day situations.

Rev. Michael Briese is in denial about his privilege and at this point not even God can save him.

If he can’t admit his hatred for Black people and promise to either work on it or unapologetically retain his devilish stance as a racist asshole who also preaches the word of God — like so many of these robed motherfuckers — then that proves that the “more than 25 years of service” that he’s so eager to boast about was for nought.

I’m not an expert in the realm of the Holy Trinity — but I’m almost certain that there’s a special place in hell for anyone who uses the house of the Lord as a weapon against the children of God — while damning the dead.

Let’s hope the racist White priest with the foul mouth and filthy temper ends up there.


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