White woman become Black women when Snapchat offers millions

The Privilege of White Women and Puffed Up Lips For Blackness

They look Black as fuck with the puffiness in the lip area and “attitude that won’t get them arrested” if a trooper were to decide to spice things up — on demand.

They’re both Kardashians and their baby daddies are Black men who love Black women that look like that. A lot of Black men like that shit. They low-key play that shit off — but deep down — they can’t resist White pussies that have been puffed up with lips for blackness.

When will Black guys stop climaxing on the basis of a noose around the neck of their Black mothers?

When it comes to White women purchasing the coins of Black women — the ascension has been under the watch of the “natural movement” that evokes the tendencies of Black women who are fucking tired of being White.

These women don’t want weaves as evidence of ordained exoticness — even if the roots are hidden behind the lace of acceptance.

Did you know that your springy roots can out you with disdain when standing in line to get into establishments that require hair that grows out with straightness — before conforming to the rules of enlightenment.

White women are rooted in Blackness with “good hair” and the ass that gives the creaminess of adherence to the stamp of approval — that will force Black women with birthed assets to scramble for ways to secure the throne.

Why did the Black men of the movement end up with women that will never make Lupita Nyong’o seem like “one of the girls.”

It’s a learned method to give White girls like Iggy Azalea permission to be Black enough for a scene — that was birthed from Black mothers who watched their Black sons communicate the lyrical bliss of traditions — that belong to Black women who don’t have to buy Whiteness to remain poetically Black.

The Kardashians with Black babies that won’t escape the mayhem of Blackness, but might survive their conception after the soldiers fight the good fight and win — will be mauled by the diamonds that won’t be able to bedazzle the darn sex tape.

That fucker waited until Kris Jenner stayed awake long enough to sell her family to the American Dream.

Now, fashion staples like Vogue and all the other relics — try to convince us how much we need White women who have been blackened for dickless Black men — in order to complete the jargon of “mixed babies” — and how Jamie Foxx worked hard as fuck to ensure that his brood resembled the part of him that doesn’t exist.

It’s been hard to witness the celebrated trade of Black parts to White templates that will fuck anything to look like my sisters.

Making Lemonade out of lemons wasn’t about “Becky” — it just really encountered the basics of Black feminism and why the White version will never be welcomed — even if Khloe’s ass is better than Kourtney’s.

Fuck! Okay, Khloe definitely paid way more for that shit. She wins!

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