Armed with weight of desolation, elongated limbs grab the air with succulent candor, as the breeziness of pathways lifts to shift the tongue in order, and eyes widen to catch the soaring ashes.

Light and dark never play nice when the dawn of days carries into the nightly ritual of gatekeeping with pouring sways of murmurs that chime the duty of souls with arrested waves of fear.

The numbers are strong, the air is tight without bending into diseased rubble that rustle with antibodies, circulating for valves that expand to create the shuffle for the dreaded trek to holes.

The entrance is round, each entry begins and ends with finite grimace, as the outer layers brim with subtle flames that need the wind to avoid the bleakness of extinguishing without ceremony.

Carcasses make a gorgeous display of waste, with dusty shells painting the sky with words of defeat, blazing the trails of silent assassins that mightily held the bay with ghastly tempers, always strewn with historic lullabies.

Voices ember through the channels deep inside, and the torchlight of deepened footsteps further the commands of movement with vibrant sighs that congregate into deafening symbols of recruitment.

Rotted tapestry contain codes of evidence that the frames with traced languages of shelled screams will burst into muted guides that ravage the spaces between seekers and arranged vices.

Step by step the view evaporates with lustful dampness, as the wards in hanging jackets observe new arrivals, scanning the hugging walls that groan under the strain of spotted variables.

The new world is dissolving into patterns of hierarchy with arched branches that flight the fight into submission by breeding bridges that stealthily engage the communion of warm iciness when players converge.

The seat is sinking into the ground that burns with comforting itch, and the visionary that brought us here faded into characters that came to life the moment descent was inevitable, and settling became necessary.

Don’t seize the ire of brutal eyes with lasers that spot the spots of spotted visitors that carry the venom of awareness in the summoned hallow of imaginative battles that leave bloodless wounds of consciousness.

Find the passenger and replicate.

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