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Trump berating CNN’s Abby Phillip for doing her job

The Only Way To Defeat Trump Is To Destabilize Him

So why isn’t that happening?

President Trump is wrapping up another disastrous trip abroad during the G7 Summit in Biarritz, France, and while Melania’s fashion choices are being decoded by outlets who are paid for that mess, the world-at-large is still reeling from the controversially appalling performance of the man who was born for the role that the Russians designated.

Speaking of Russia, remember the scandalous Helsinki press conference last summer, where Trump unpatriotically denounced his intelligence agency’s summation of criminal interference during the 2016 elections, by hailing the honorability of Vladimir Putin, who he publicly and staunchly defended to the horror of stunned onlookers?

The reception to Trump’s anointing of Putin that included the damning retort heard around the world: “I don’t see any reason why it would be Russia,” was swiftly brutal, as naysayers delivered the scathing reviews of a man who essentially betrayed his country, without blinking an eye.

Imagine if President Barack Obama had committed the sin of verbally abusing long-standing allies in favor of praising the attributes of murderous dictators on foreign soil?

Trump was able to weather the storm that he initiated with his creepy allegiance to Putin with a lot of help from his cowardly base of enablers.

There was also the forced correction to his blasphemous statement, where he choked on the words that barely made sense, when you consider that he’s always been unapologetic about his unyielding support of a global defector who is best known for his crimes against humanity.

And a year later, the memories have resurfaced with our Thug-in-Chief back in rare form with his relentless campaigning for Russia’s reentrance into a progressive group of thought leaders, who ordered the banishment for reasons that understandably baffle a roguish U.S. president, who possesses the uncanny level of incompetence that makes it difficult to astutely process the repercussions of violent invasions.

It’s unfathomably treacherous watching Trump’s ill-advised monologues veer into treacherous territory with the lovefest on behalf of a regime that’s still committed to dismantling our prized democracy, while shamelessly perpetuating the baseless claim of how Putin “outsmarted” and even “embarrassed” Obama with the successful bid of annexing Crimea from Ukraine.

While standing next to France’s Emmanuel Macron, Trump fielded questions that challenged the recklessness of his words, that recalled the previous occasions where he unabashedly defended Putin while slamming the leaders and communities that wisely proceed with caution when engaging with nefarious characters who are renowned for their abominable traits.

When asked if he was concerned about the upcoming election season that would give Russia another opportunity to further destabilize America’s ruptured democracy, Trump was adamant that it was the least of his worries.

He also launched into an aimless tirade that was meant to once again shame his worthier and more dignified predecessor, by scornfully blaming Obama for the absence of Russia from the G7 itinerary because “a lot of bad things” went down between Putin and the Black man who will forever be the tormentor of our Thug-in-Chief.”

We have to pay attention to the fact that Trump refused to maximize his international exposure by sternly denouncing Russia’s interference in the election process of the country that he’s supposedly repping. He preferred to levy wild accusations at Obama with the fabrication about how Putin, effortlessly got the upper-hand in the battle of wills that left the first-ever Black president — “embarrassed” and bitter in the face of defeat.

And when a Black woman reporter, Yamiche Alcindor, queried the president about his habitual need to spread fake news as if he were spewing out factual information that needs to be taken seriously, Trump proceeded to shame her for sticking up for the president that she evidently likes more, and then he concluded by reiterating Obama’s glaring failure to prevent the fate that befell Crimea on his watch.

In fact Trump spent his entire presence at the G7 summit, cursing out the legacies of his more illustrious predecessors, subtly taking jabs at Democrats, and repeatedly boasting about the history-making “economic turnaround” that he claims none of the past presidents were able to achieve based on their inability to put “America First” by aggressively bullying China with tariffs and fucking over farmers across the nation.

And just when you couldn’t imagine things getting much worse, the U.S. president randomly decides to exploit his official credentials by soliciting for the ambitious inclusion of the Trump National Doral Miami resort in Florida, on the refined list of locations that could potentially host the 2020 summit.

The backlash stemming from the audacity of a sitting president to cluelessly stage an impromptu sales pitch for the benefit of scoring the business deal of a lifetime, was fast and furious, with accusations that pointed out Trump’s blatant disregard for the rules and regulations assigned to his current gig.

Of course it’s absolutely not acceptable for any president to maximize the privilege of his position in ways that could result in profits that weren’t earned in the selfless act of “Making America Great Again.”

That’s exactly the crux of this nationalized impediment that began when Candidate Donald Trump was readily bequeathed the keys to the kingdom, despite the hovering clouds of doom that warned of the irrevocable consequences that would follow.

Almost immediately it was quite clear, that the race to the White House was going to be a nauseating depiction of what transpires when a super power becomes entranced with the riskiness of institutional lawlessness, that deposits a foul-mouthed spokesman who is being used as a puppet for devious minds who are connected by the mission statement of global disruption.

Barack Obama was way too smooth for Vladimir Putin, and the calculated resistance was necessary for a well-respected, charismatic, and highly intelligent Commander-in-Chief, who was motivated by his promise to keep America safely removed from the clutches of those who have a knack for poisoning targeted citizens, as they seek refuge outside their home country.

If anyone should be embarrassed about his questionable fetish for murderous dictators that has led to his gratified alliance with Kim Jong Un, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and of course Putin — it’s the man who also thinks activists who are devoted to the global crisis of climate change are “dreaming” up a non-existent threat that won’t be worth the financial loss because he “knows more about the environment than most.”

Here’s the thing, the only way to defeat Trump is to destabilize his nerve centers.

CEO Jack Dorsey isn’t being hassled about his failure to shutdown the president’s standard mode of attack that has escalated to the life-threatening stance that has forced journalists and members of congress to hire bodyguards, in an effort to prevent the very worst from happening.

Trump has broken all the rules and policies that Twitter requires for the retention of privileges. He habitually retweets offensively vile content from far-right extremists, who have been identified as potential instigators of White terrorism by the FBI. He also shared footage from the horrors of 9/11 that showcased the burning inferno of the Twin Towers with Ilhan Omar in the role of the Muslim-American, who is a terrorist-in-training.”

The death threats that followed Trump’s terrorizing of Congresswoman Omar were met with callousness by the self-professed White nationalist, who is armed with the weaponry that permits the radicalization of White males, who will endure a 10 hour drive to the location where they carry out their supreme leader’s directives.

His latest outing at a global event, where he displayed the signature moves that match the template of a bullish renegade without filters and the unsightly lack of decorum, has reinitiated the ongoing speculation about the president’s mental health and whether or not his increasing temper tantrums need to be examined for the assumed diagnosis.

Brian Stelter, the anchor for CNN’s Reliable Sources recently devoted his Sunday morning segment to the task of grilling two psychiatrists with opposite points of view about the president’s mental instability, that if confirmed, could hopefully validate the erratic behavior of a New York business tycoon who bullied his way into the highest office in the land.

But this is where the media shoulders most of the blame for this nationalized nightmare that was definitely enhanced by the laxness of reporters, who are fixated on the ceremonious antics of a man-baby, who is the paying bills of mainstream news organizations that provide 24/7 programming of “Trump TV.”

Stelter is a seasoned journalist who should be aware of the main differences between someone who is mentally challenged, and a renowned spoiled brat, who chooses to be willfully indecent and dangerously immoral because of the White privilege that courts the supremacy of Whiteness.

But it has always been the unbroken tradition of America to systemically protect the fragile egos of White males who behave very badly, and the dependable defense is presented in the theory of how mental illness causes White males with knives to hack into victims of color or the White president to convert his Oval Office into a enlarged missile that is poised to disable Black and Brown communities.

Trump isn’t “sick in the head,” because it would take some level of vulnerability for that to be possible, and in his case, that’s not remotely feasible.

The Terrorizer-in-Chief can be destabilized in a matter of minutes, but that would take the indefinite suspension of his active Twitter account, as well as the boycott of those torturous daily sessions on the White House lawn, that hosts the destructive platter, directly from the mouth of the “Liar-in-Chief,” who continues to avoid accountability for his deplorable actions.

The showmanship of a famed reality star has proven to be the key ingredient in the growing appeal for the man who has become the worst U.S. president in modern history

But now that we are at the finishing line of what turned out to be a tumultous regime that exacted inhumane tactics as the form of attack against non-threatening populations, we can’t deny the clear and present danger that looms with menacing authority.

The daily press briefings have to be restored with the original settings that armed the Press Corps with the dutiful quest for the deliverable facts that keep citizens at home and abroad, consistently informed of the state of our union.

White House communications is now being manned by a president who has evidently decided the menu of lies that former White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, delivered with spicy relish, will actually sound a lot better coming from him, at the locations of his choosing.

In order to defeat Trump, you have to hit where it hurts. It’s vital to target the epicenter of the power that’s being weaponized against those who don’t warrant the systemic violence.

As long as the press continues to enable the inefficiency of a criminalized administration by meekly accepting the sloppy unprofessionalism of White House communications, in the form of a missing press secretary, and the hostage situation by the “Liar-in-Chief,” who is distorting the nationalized messaging — the resulting societal disorder will freely persist.

The reason for Trump’s thriving agenda can be primarily traced to the platforms of engagement through media and social media, and why the undisciplined gross misconduct across the board, will continue to keep White supremacy in the winning category.

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