They’re wearing red.

Why Hollywood’s “Blackout” Affair is Just Another Victory For The Elite

The real heroes don’t have to wear black because they live it

Ezinne Ukoha
4 min readJan 8, 2018


The Golden Globes was a blackout affair that was encouraged by the current climate of awareness and the various movements that have been initiated by notables who are still trying to work out the logistics of who started what.

(We know that Tarana Burke started the #MeToo movement)

Truth be told — I wasn’t sold on the idea of an “all-black” ceremony for many reasons — but mainly because I have a difficult time buying into the bling bling of the elite who strategically pick and choose what items to highlight.

There’s no doubt that we should have zero tolerance for any behavior that creates a culture that feeds the selfish appetites of ravenous abusers on the prowl — who’ve been positioned with the guarantee of unlimited access to hapless victims.

It’s also brave for anyone with the misfortune of falling into the gaping jaws of verbal and physical mistreatment — to speak their truth and encourage the viral cleansing — that is currently rebooting the entertainment industry with gusto.

However — as a woman of color — and a Black woman at that — it’s hard to ignore the blatant disregard for those who’ve been brutalized by the system — the ones who made headlines and got virtually no recognition for the fate they suffered — at the hands of a system that was wired for their demise.

Where were these decked out women in black when Sandra Bland was violently yanked from her car and squashed into the concrete ground? Where were the cries for justice from White celebs when Korryn Gaines was literally executed in front of her children by home invaders dressed like the militia? Where was the call to duty when Diamond Reynolds and her daughter were terrorized by a White police officer?

And most importantly — it’s incredible that on a night that was supposedly dedicated to the mission of ending the suffering of women — who’ve borne the shame and burden of being unwilling targets in an organized scheme — implemented for their ultimate downfall — there was no mention of Erica Garner — who recently passed…