The Media is Officially on Donald Trump’s Payroll

We are in a crisis. All day today — from CNN to Premium Times, Nigeria — the beginning, middle and end was bathed in the pure shit of Donald Trump.

Staffers are determined to keep their jobs secure and that requires beating the competition and driving the public insane — with renderings of recycled garbage that tips towards the angle of why this man who will be president is a nationally celebrated weasel.

Good God! He must be shelling out more than he’s worth to media outlets who promise to continue to torture us around the clock — with the scabies of fodder that keep this overgrown eyesore with a yellow helmet that moves — in business.

Now and forever more.

Help me!!!! Let me out of this nightmare!!!Make it stop!!!! Make him president so we can breathe the air that is stagnant with the need for ongoing traffic and shares that are more than we can swallow.

How much is he paying you? I will whore myself for double that price. I just need to breathe for a few seconds.

Don’t you?!

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