Black men only Black women could love

How The Kardashians Keep Getting Away With Villainizing Black Men

I won’t spend much time on this — but to be honest I need to let off some steam because I spent last night and much of today under siege from an allergy attack — but after popping some lovelies — I’m feeling fine and feisty.

I’m annoying as fuck because even though I like to play like I don’t give a damn about Keeping up with Kardashians/Jenners — I can’t seem to stop myself from sharing redundant commentary — especially when yet another biracial baby girl joins the clan.

So — Khloe just fulfilled her moral obligation to the world by hooking up with Lamar’s wimpy replacement. Shit! I literally had to google his name! Maybe there’s hope for me after all.

Okay — So Tristan Thompson sorta looks like Lamar Odom when you consider that they’re both basketball players who happen to be the Black men that Kris Jenner — Khloe’s momager specifically chose for imminent destruction.

Lamar tried his damndest — but even he was no match for the well-dressed beast in heels who has no qualms paying for her underage daughter to go under the knife in the name of all the Calabasas-based socialites — who just can’t compete with puffed up lips and the unheard of shade of pink — that covers them.

Kanye looks like Kanye West — but he’s really a template that is wound up enough times for staged photos and the frozen smile that reveals everything we need to know for the blueprint of Get Out.

Kris Humpheries was the real MVP! You have to imagine that when he was wooing The Kardashians with his reluctance to be toyed with — for the sake of the cameras that he kicked apart with his glare and refreshing improvisation — he pretty much wrote Kanye’s obituary without realizing it.

The one that got away truly gave Kris the foresight to make sure that such a disaster would never occur on her watch.

Lamar paid for it when the spinoff that he and the tallest Kardashian sister — began to show signs of imminent failure. The only way to redeem himself was to become the villain of an enterprise that was set up to make people of color beneficial — only if they made The Kardashians look like innocent victims of their best intentions.

Even the Black twin with the married sister has resigned herself to the role of cry baby — who can’t stand the “winning” status of her best friend — compared to her less enviable situation. So — she pouts when her bestie is spending all her time with her baller boo — and true to tradition — either Kim or Kourtney intervenes to convince “the bad girl” to cut Khloe some slack and just apologize — already!

The unevenness of the relationships that these women share with Black people in their circle is offensive — even if it’s slightly entertaining.

For me — I just observe and take notes to make sure that when it all adds up — I can affirm that I did my due diligence.

The ugliness that befell Lamar was swift and brutal. I happened to catch some of the episodes that showcased him bearing his disgusting punishment like a champ. I was in bed with the guy I was dating and he was taunting the hell out of Lamar for how he allowed himself to be “played like bitch.”

I was more into the mechanisms of communication through body language and the codes that were supposed to evoke how graceful and stoic — The Kardashians were — despite everything Lamar put them through. Their heroism even extended to being able to wire Kanye with enough bolts of incoherency that permitted him to stage the falsehood of a Black man’s return to the very spotlight that he needed to desperately shun — until further notice.

Black men are fucked when those women willingly spread their legs for that precious implant that is building an army of what they need as evidence of the black blood running through clogged veins.

Kris definitely hates Black men and her desire to victimize her daughters as the wronged women in scenarios that are shady at best seems to have escaped her own relationship with a much-younger Black guy — who is pretty much on his way out.

But — shit has hit the fan with Khloe and Tristan and you can read all about it here.

Of course judging from her baby daddy’s past and her own not too stellar background — we already know that due to poor ratings and waning interest — there’s a need to up the ante.

I never imagined anything could top the fresh hits of the sacrificial lamb — Kylie — and I think I was right on the money.

Clearly Khloe’s storyline needed beefing up and her Black stud was chosen to fulfill his end of the bargain. We know how it goes with Black athletes who can’t keep their big dicks from straying and so they end up having all these baby mamas — and all these kids — that look exactly alike for a reason.

Okay. I’m having way too much fun!

Bottomline — the saga continues and the Black men who dare are never spared.

All I wanna know is who gave them right to be Black women fucking up Black men while getting paid for it?

Never mind! I got it!

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