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‘We the People” are dying

The Gun Laws in America Will Never Change Because The Wealthy Have to Be Fed

And the bodies are piling up accordingly

We are in the midst of another national tragedy. The “deadliest in state history” as they say — and there’s no denying that those blaring headlines used to ring alarm bells — that warranted a thorough examination of how we got to the point of no return.

Now the headlines serve as manna for inquisitive readers who are drawn to the theatrics of what has become a very common event. The congregation on social media platforms aggregate the facts into never ending threads — that merge to form a quilt of participation that will continue to expand — for as long as we are Americans in America.

The first time I got a cryptic chill from breaking news stemming from a shooting incident was when my freaked out friend called me — about an unfolding incident at a school somewhere in Connecticut. Her daughter lived and went to school in the area and the scanty information — was driving her insane.

It was Sandy Hook Elementary School — and the casualties were between the ages of six and seven. My friend’s daughter was safely situated a few miles away, but the damage was done. The fact that something so vile and sacrilegious could occur in a country that sends out soldiers to defend our honor — and yet can’t protect us from the gun battle at home — is the reason why — the tradition of protecting investments at the expense of law-abiding citizens will continue to prosper.

The tragedy that is currently battering Sutherland Springs, Texas as the spotlighted town is immersed in the nightmare of how a reverent Sunday church service can be struck by the fury of a White man —who was mentally ill and very angry — has been logged with historical honors.

The victims have given their lives as a sacrifice for how their final banishment will play out with familial tributes and the usual collage that depicts why losing them is so damn frustrating.

Leaders of the nation will remain divided as one side is to powerless to fight for our survival and the other side is way too greedy to consider how appalling it is to frequently clear war zones in churches and schools from the piled up bodies that usually feature the children of tomorrow.

The truth is that America actually never gave a damn about its people and it managed to keep that shit on the down low — until social media arrived to keep the flood gates open. The truth is that this shit has been happening since forever — but it feels like the apocalypse because media outlets have to be fed with tragic fare — and so we eat up the non-stop stream of bullets, victims, astonishing footage— and the White men who are exercising their right to be angry and emotionally complicated.

This country will not survive without the dependency of a trade that has found the perfect accomplices in the men who have used their privilege to fuck everything up — without due consequences.

White men protect each other and they do it with no apologies or the option of a second opinion. If Black men were shooting up venues — filled with precious cargo — there would be a formidable case for a major overhaul — including the necessary means to end the raving appetite of prototypes with thuggish tendencies that go beyond the realm of accommodation.

When a White man — who led the normal existence of a White American — with all the access and freedom that is afforded — decides to rent a hotel room in Vegas with the intent to maul hundreds of concert goers in wide open spaces — he is allowed to do so with the cushion of his mental instability and his right to utilize his firearms — in the manner of his choosing.

After the massacre — we are treated to his boringly unimpressive past — that details the ups and downs and the other stuff in-between — that evidently led the killer to lose his mind and express it in a way that demands chaos and senseless deaths.

Instead of being persecuted, demonized, scrutinized and vilified — White men who kill and end up killing themselves in order to avoid justice — are cuddled by the President of the country they hated. Their brains are sent to the laboratories of Ivy League schools for examination as proof that the murderer won’t be completely blamed for an occurrence that was beyond his control.

And so it continues — as the gun culture’s quest to claim more lives is mastered with no signs of letting up — and the shock value lessens with the routine scrolling — that features regular updates that will one day involve your evaporated spirit as the shape of your body is scrubbed clean for another prominent massacre.

The gun laws in America will never change because that will give the wealthy cause to panic. The system was secured to make us all expendable for the benefit of those who can afford to tolerate the reality of six-year-old kids being pummeled by bullets.

The traditional dance of cursing out unrelenting law makers in an effort to guarantee that when your parents attend church — they won’t depart the abruptly ended service in body bags — is a wasted endeavor.

We were founded on the principle of greed and the reassurance that White men will never stop being American, which sucks for everybody. They control whether we live or die. They control most of the wealth and they have the power to save or kill us.

The bodies are piling up accordingly as bank accounts and political careers continue to flourish under the premise of targeted shootouts and the mentally-sick individuals that all have one thing in common.

To die for your country is a valiant purpose, but what is the definition for the ones who perished with no medals or honor — just the addition to a soberly growing list — and the forgettable mentions that last for a minute?

They were Americans — and so are we, and that disability is costing us everything.

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