The Girls of War and Love, Remembered

We see you through veiled shadows that peek in

As the light of the dawn that blinded your descent into disturbance

Plays out again. And again.

In repetition to the footsteps that greeted the night you became

Our Girls.

At the memories of you that are drenched in the recognition that you were once



Weep as they watch doomed versions of you frolic in the sand castles you built when you were just


In peaked bewilderment

Weep as the images of you


Suffocates the life spent in agony as the glimpse of your likeness permeates thorough the screen of time and energy

Blasting through the rocks and fold of bombs displayed and relayed into

The destiny that lies within the distance between you and all that you believed in

When you were just

A girl.

Equipped with the metals of dishonor and the trials of abomination

The gods of Allah and Jehovah doubted you and relented to the bloodied call of duty

But your weary mothers should weep no more

For they are the true survivors

Girls of love

We remember you

We salute you

We honor you

We pray for what you once were and what you have become

Mothers weep not for your daughters

They will deliver you from the chains of brutality

Release the hope for tomorrow

Grasp the pain of today

Defeat the masters of your sorrow

With the tears of your strength.

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