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America is great for social media platforms that are vampires for Trump

The Donald Trump Show Is Still Having One Hell of a Run

And none of us are getting paid shit!

In case you’re keeping score, President Trump is winning Twitter wars. He’s managed to give social media the ultimate dream come true. A villain with the power to endorse all the reasons why the web of chaos was devised in the first place.

When outcries demand discipline while questioning how the Commander-in-Chief is able to freely curse out those that refute his worthiness — I’m stunned at the audacity of such naivety.

Trump is keeping Twitter infinitely alive.

Ultimately, all of us are playing the role of over-worked enabler. Talk about free labor! Do you even fathom how much time you spend on Donald Trump. The exhaustive research that takes us back to the spring of 2012 — when he voiced exactly what you need to feed your starving followers. The quotes of his tweets that give you the confidence to own your ability to attract new blood. The retweets in the dead of night and then the earnest follow up about how fucked it is — that you can’t enjoy a good night’s sleep after reading Trump’s latest bestseller.

Whether you’re his biggest fan or you can’t stomach the mere mention of him — you can’t avoid the part you play in his tragic existence.

Saturday Night Live literally rose from the dead when it became starkly clear that New York’s most notorious gangster was possibly going to be the “leader of the free world.” All the well-conceived skits are pleasurable — but they’re also dangerous.

It’s a consistent reminder that anything can be funny — even when it involves serious shit like — White supremacy and a White president who was elected to kill us all.

Yes, satire can be therapeutic in the right setting and under reasonable circumstances.

But, there’s no way any of us can downplay the heightened times that has been spelled by a complete shit show — that is bounding down an aimless lane of profitable disarray.

Trump doesn’t do what he does out of a complete lack of ownership. He is very comfortable being classified as “The Most Hated Man in America,” and it’s not hard to see why he’s in an enviable position.

Every single tweet that he shits out is a priceless gem.

The level of attention it commands probably pays the college tuition for the kids of media staff. I mean this guy gets off being as bad as he wants to be — and the punishment is a ton of a non-stop attention, plus the protection of Jack Dorsey and the henchmen — who are situated for the benefit of making sure the madness never ends.

The most effective way to coerce people into being their own worst enemies is to rope them into an imaginary battle against an institution that can’t be defeated with words and repeated insults.

Yet, many of us truly believe the good fight is being fought through the tunnels of obsession that leads to the one man so many despise and can’t avoid feting. We spend more time with him than with anyone else in our actual lives.

Time is money. So is effort — and all the creative ways you recycle ammunition to fit the new day of battle against the foe who has already won.

The Donald Trump Show is having one hell of a run — and the sad part is that none of us are getting paid shit!

From Facebook to Instagram and back to Twitter — there’s no doubt that Trump has tremendously shifted the method of socialization in a way that makes him impeccably relevant.

No major platform of connectivity can survive without the thug that has converted an entire landscape into a customized rocket ship. Every time he takes off — the buzzer is activated and a plethora of reactions hit the waves with impressive urgency.

It keeps the dots lighted without threats of fatigue and this kinetic energy of frustration is fueled by additional threats from our president — who can’t call it a night without jacking off to the consistent fury that pours over without hitting any edges to break further spills.

How much are you collecting for calling out the evil one? Do you ever wonder whether you deserve to help outlets and TV networks reap the benefits of our adherence to making sure everyone knows how fucked up it is to have Trump in The White House — acting like a certified asshole with no restraints?

I’m guilty as fuck too. I don’t maintain the pace most of you have mastered — but I am prone to sharing the garbage that is spewed with the hopes of epic exposure.

The maddening crowd is exactly what social media was created for and the notion of censorship is a complete joke. As long as President Trump is allowed to use his Twitter account as a notepad to draft the early stages of WWIII — you can rest assured that if you remain an active user — you will be subject to never-ending grossness.

You will not only fund the trust funds of newborns with relatives that plot more ways to make Twitter a weapon of mass destruction —but the time spent cursing out someone who delights in poisoning on contact — is a loss that can’t be recuperated.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that there is no end to this.

I have no answers and I’m certain that I signed up for something far above my pay grade. I tried to tread lightly, but once you’re in — there’s no middle ground. You have to accept the disturbing videos that pop up on WhatsApp because you need to keep in touch with family members. You try to reject Facebook and LinkedIn, and then potential suitors both professional and personal — inspire your short-lived return.

Instagram and Twitter share the award of masochist offerings — as you have to bear the burden of Trump-infused bedtime stories — coupled with irate users who believe that Lupita Nyong’o’s recent revelation ominously matches the torture her character endured in 12 Years a Slave.

All this hard work — roaming through treacherous timelines filled with exact reasons why social media was astutely made for anyone with the likeness of “Trump,” — and we still don’t get anything for our troubles.

Sure, you’re doing it to stay “Woke” — and also for the sake of those who need that wake up call. Call time is all the time — and we’re doing more than we should for no compensation. Fighting for decency and justice has no price tag because that would be an idiotic concept. We do what we do for the pride of not taking the shit that makes shit bearable for those who plan the shit at our expense.

Being noble isn’t free anymore and the activists working their asses off also have the time for photo shoots and the all the other amenities that come with being able to get 1K likes to your tweet about bathroom breaks — in less than a minute.

Nobody beats Donald Trump.

He’s the golden ticket to prosperity and the reason why as the President of the United States — he can be a dick on command with no sweat. He can mock the woes of Puerto Rico, he can spawn endless streams of little hands tossing paper towels into the arms of citizens, he can dismiss the tragic death of Sgt. La David Johnson without flinching, he can continue to harass those who dare to challenge his lies, and he can make Dorsey & Co. feel right at home as they watch the number of full-time residents — reassuringly rise.

There’s no way out. The future will only contain those who survived with mechanical failure and the ones who were human enough to hide it— in order to secure entry.

All I want is to unlearn what I know when the screen lights up, but until I remember what that entails, I’m stuck in clicking mode.

And that’s where I will stay until I devise the hashtag to save me. The only way to do that is to continue to give Donald Trump the attention he’s earned.


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