The Differences Between White Women and Black Women

White women are women.

Black women are black women.

White women have the right to wile out unapologetically.

Black women are angry and bitter if they dare to express intense emotions.

White women are often regarded with high-esteem and acceptance based on just being white.

Black women are regarded with whatever the regardee decides which is usually not much at all — even after exceeding all the requirements.

White women can be as gnarly as they wanna be and this is generally accommodated and even celebrated with heightened arousal by the opposite sex.

Black women can’t afford to be gnarly. If we even attempt such a venture we end up dead.

Ask Sandra Bland. Oops! She’s dead. And she wasn’t even close to being the bitch that black women are portrayed as. She was fighting for her right to be heard and respected and died in the midst of that battle.

If she’d been a blonde haired, blue-eyed buxom hick — she would’ve survived her needless encounter.

White women can almost ruin the career of a well established athlete who is married to a woman who isn’t even black.

Ask Kobe Bryant.

There is something insatiably inherent in the pursuits of black men who feel the need to fuck any white woman who shows an ounce of approval.

It validates their existence and provides the peace and security that black women seem to be unable to provide.

That’s fucked up.

But so is the veil of denial with white women who want to be black. It’s offensive and borderline vindictive.

Iggy Azalea is a fraud because she coated her lips, ass and boobs to become the perfect black woman.

The black chick with the light skin, good hair, light eyes and plump lips with the learned swag that slays without beckoning.

Her music is shit but her dreams came true. She looks and sounds like the serialized prototype and she bagged a black athlete which is code for — ”fall back black bitches!”

The Kardashians are crazy for fun when it comes to being black women that don’t fuck with the shit that comes with being actual black women.

Khloe Kardashian has plenty of fans who are black women and they are cohesive idiots.

She mocked up her template to rescue and destroy another black athlete. Her big sis Kim with the collection of nudes selfies that will be righteously mocked fifty years from now — is also the ultimate black chic — who simply waved her industrialized booty in the air in order to get one of the most prolific rappers of our time to surrender his sanity — in the name of the white girl who became his black woman.

So. The difference between white girls and black girls is that white girls grow up to be black women.

Because it’s the best thing that could ever happen to them.

Black girls grow up to be black women because it’s the best thing to happen to us and we know it.

But nobody else fucking gets that.

Exempt white women and the women they try but fail to muster.

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