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The Devaluation of The Black Child in America Will Always Be a Solemn Promise

That needs to be broken

Another study that aims to once again reduce Black people to brutish relics that don’t quite possess the flawless tendencies of their White counterparts has been unleashed for public consumption.

This time — the news is annoyingly familiar because like most studies — about race — the findings don’t hold anything that we haven’t been privy to. But, somehow each year yields recycled fodder that is given the kind of reception that should be reserved for something epically inclined.

According to CNN, the American Psychological Association apparently gathered 950 people for an online exercise that asked them “to rate black men and white men on their weight, height, strength and build.”

Truth be told, these “studies” haven’t really done very much to smoothen the cracks in the war between Whites and Blacks — in fact I will venture to say that they are propelled by a machine that is purposed for the demise of more people of color — who always seem to fail the test that they weren’t even assigned in the first place.

The result of this latest game of White versus Black was just as we all expected.

John Paul Wilson, of Montclair State University, led the charge and shared his conclusions:

“We found that these estimates were consistently biased. Participants judged the black men to be larger, stronger, and more muscular than the white men, even though they were actually the same size.”

Well, no shit! How about that! I guess, now we can believe it. Since, all the previous experiments didn’t quite bring it all home.

I seem to recall an article featured in Slate Magazine titled: Whites See Blacks as Superhuman, And that’s not exactly a compliment. The piece was published back in 2014 — and the diagnosis was the same as the disease we face today.

We also haven’t figured out how to make White bigots pay for the crime of murdering Black lives based on a tragic rhetoric that continues to permeate a suffocating climate — where only the souls of the deceased breathe free.

I stopped inhaling free air when Tamir Rice — a 12-year-old boy from Cleveland, Ohio became a victim of circumstance when he was shot in cold blood by a White police officer who wasted no time in claiming his win for the day.

As the young boy’s stomach was overcome with blood from the puncture of the bullet — Tamir bled out and the officer did nothing to help even as he realized that he had just paralyzed a kid.

You have to wonder how White people can calmly harbor the instincts of a monster and still be considered — superior humans.

Fast forward to three year later — and Tamir Rice will not enjoy the benefits of being a playfully mischievous teenager. His Blond-haired doppelgänger would have survived that encounter and lived to tell the tale with pride and prejudice.

Actually — he would’ve made it up because there wouldn’t have been a 911 call alerting authorities of a madman in the park with a gun.

That brings us to that call. The one some loser made describing the scene as if it was literally being filmed with cameras and a crew high on a days old supply.

Help! There’s “a guy” and he’s a raving lunatic because he is pointing his gun at passersby and, I mean, I don’t know, maybe he’s not a guy. He could be just a kid with a play gun, but he’s Black so who cares!

Constance Hollinger was the woman who took that call. And she was just suspended for eight days for not revealing the fact that the man in the park could’ve been a boy in the park. And the gun in his hand that I’m absolutely certain wasn’t being pointed at strangers — might have been a pellet gun.

The infuriating part of this case isn’t the woman who dropped the ball and possibly caused the death of an innocent American child. It’s really the way we as Americans wear out the merry-go-round of shit and deceit that never makes us dizzy.

What perfect timing to have a recycled study of how scary and stalky Black men are compared to White men — hit our timelines just as we internalize the fact that the 911 dispatcher had the power to caution the officers that were sent to kill.

But she chose to bet on the “guy pointing a gun at people” because, you know, he’s Black and Superhuman. The cops used this info to their advantage when they shot him down.

And shoot him down they did.

The fact that Hollinger get a weeks vacation while the boy she betrayed is trapped six feet under, is just a symbol of America’s never-ending promise to devalue Black children based on scientific findings.

Scientists and researchers are doing the devil’s work with blatant contempt for the subjects whose lives they are fucking with in a way that is dangerously erosive.

The cops that killed Tamir Rice were never punished for it because they are White and right and America is Great Again.

This means that Black children are dealt with and White children are allowed to blaze the parks as cops and robbers.

This deadly promise has to be broken. White kids can’t be the only ones who can run around with ringlets obeying the wind as they charge with the menace that would make Clint Eastwood proud.

Black kids with no ringlets and skin matching the sand they pounce on must be allowed the same freedom. Tamir Rice died because he was Black. And that is NOT OKAY.

Lets #SayHisName and break the promise that is killing us.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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